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Back at the Bakeshop!

It's always such fun to be at the Bakeshop.  I love being able to come up with a design, get fabric to make it happen, and see how others react.  There are almost always challenges I didn't see coming, and adjustments that have to be made as I develop the tutorial. In this one, for example, I didn't take into account that the solid background would show through the white borders and sashing, which prompted the addition of the second layer of batting.  I actually really like the final result, though, so it was a fortuitous mistake.  I also cut the batting pieces a bit too small, necessitating some FMQ around the edge of each block.  I'm still working on developing my repertoire and skill level, so I did a variety of stitches; gives it a little bit of fun, though I still would have preferred to keep those areas completely blank. This was the first quilt I made using my new Elna as well, so I'm still learning its quirks.  The tension in all of the middle ar

WIP Wednesday

I finally finished up secret project number one.  I had a couple of issues with it, but I like the final results, and it's time to get back in gear on The project for Kelley.  It should come together quickly, so I'm going to try and knock out a couple of the WIP's.  KerBloom just needs the outer border, so that shouldn't take long.  Stars and Blossoms both require some deep thinking; the initial pattern isn't working, so I have to come up with another plan.  Secret Project #2 and Aviatrix are both going to require lots and lots of cutting.  So much cutting.  So maybe I can bring up a mat and cutter and do that while spending some time with hubby.  :)  Recent Completions!! The Matrix (Secret Project #1) WIPS Blossoms (ender and leader set-up) Aviatrix (I've at least made the templates, so I'm counting that as a start!) Stars KerBloom Farmer's Wife  Kelley's Quilt  Secret project #2 Needs Binding   At the quilter:

Park Bench

Another finish that finally got photographed!  The dreary days of February and March really don't lend themselves well to photos.  It was a very mild winter here, so lots and lots of mud.  And I'm not a big fan of taking nice quilts into muddy areas!  There was also a distinct lack of sunshine for extended periods.  But regardless, the quilts are finished! I did wait a little too late into the day for the good sunshine, but I kind of like the shadows.  Obviously it has been folded a little too long.  My quilting mentor has told me several times that quilts should never be folded; it's much better to wad them up or roll them.  My husband, however, is an unrepentant folder.  This quilt stays in the living room, and if he is in the living room, it gets folded.  I'll have to rotate it through the basement to make sure the creases don't become permanent.  (Basement quilts are wadded, balled up, cuddled, used for forts and doll picnics, and generally abusingly loved.) 

The Lorax

For the past couple of years, my sister and I (we live next door to each other) have had a wonderful babysitter/nanny come to take care of our kids.  This year the nanny had a baby of her own, and I must say it's quite adorable how much our kids dote on the new baby!  Of course, I had to make a baby quilt for the new arrival.  In my continuing effort to not buy new fabric, I searched through my stash, and found a bundle of The Lorax.  How perfect!  I came up with the pattern on my own, and used up pretty much every inch of it.  I ended up ordering some additional fabric for backing and binding, but this was a definite stash buster.  And the nanny loves it, so a definite win. I finally finished it just before I had to give it to her, and the wind was blowing gales that day, so forgive the settings.  It was the one place sheltered enough from the wind!  The panels with the book pages helped it go together pretty quickly.  I also did the machine quilting. I did triangles

WIP Thursday

I had a few issues with my new machine, but the shop arranged to send me an entirely new one; quite the customer service!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new machine; the stitch is just amazing, and it's so fun having so many stitch options!   I've added a couple of secret projects to the WIP list - because I obviously didn't have enough going on!  I'm having a bit of a crisis with one, but hopefully will come up with some solution shortly.  A couple other WIPs need some decisions.  Plan A on them didn't work as well as I would have liked, so need to work on developing a Plan B.   With hubby home, I'm also not getting as much sewing done.  I want to spend at least some time with him, so disappearing into the craft room every night the minute the kids are in bed isn't really an option.  So my tv watching time has gone up exponentially, but I've been trying to do more cross-stitching during the shows, and I seem to be making progress.  Recent Completion