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Impromptu is coming along quite well!  And quickly, although that's not too surprising given the large blocks in the pattern.  The pattern is quite well done and easy to follow, so it's very enjoyable to work with.  I'm making it out of Tradewinds, an older Moda line that's been in my stash for a while. LOVE those colors!  I'm going to add an additional border on it to get it large enough to put on my king size bed.  Something bright and colorful for summer!

WIP List Changes!

Some big changes to the WIP List!  I pieced everything I have from my Ruby, Pearl and Opal top.  I've made one more plea to my bee group for my last four blocks - I'd REALLY love to have that quilt be as big as it's supposed to be. I pieced the Sketchbook top.  This was one of those impulse tops; very simple, totally from the stash, trying to use up fabric things.  I'm pretty sure it's going to go to charity.  Same with the layer cake lemonade pattern. I needed to order some fabric for the comma squares quilt, and I got started on impromptu.  I want to make that one big enough to actually put on my bed.  What a concept! :) Recent Completions: Name Tags! WIPs:   Farmer's Wife (LONG term project! - 20 blocks completed) Ruby, Pearl and Opal (16 blocks assembled, seeing if my last four will get returned) Craftsy QAYG quilt (three of twelve completed) Toes in the sand BOM quilt Black Dress Lucky Pezzy White wrap shirt (Sewing in Prog

A quick finish!

This one has been on the to-do list for over six months, so I'm thrilled to finally get it done!  Mom and I joined the local quilt guild, and we are all supposed to make home made name tags.  Mom, quite some time ago, used her machine to embroider our names, and I was supposed to make the tag.  It was one of those things that kept getting pushed to the bottom of the pile.  Yesterday was our scheduled meeting, and I had the day off from work, so I decided to stick Gunner in front of Thomas the Train for a while and just finish it.  They didn't take long, and I'm delighted how they turned out!   Unfortunately, we didn't make the meeting.  I had the kids in the car headed to Mom and Dad's, but it was snowing heavily, and I was sliding all over the road, so I turned around and headed home.  But still, at least the name tags are done!

The WIP list - first of 2014!

Recent Completions: Zoe Dress Isadora's orange vest Navy Skirt Green Knit top Grey abstract top Purple Rouched top WIPs: Farmer's Wife (LONG term project! - 20 blocks completed) Ruby, Pearl and Opal (waiting for my bee blocks) Craftsy QAYG quilt (two of twelve completed) Toes in the sand BOM quilt Black Dress Lucky Pezzy White wrap shirt (Sewing in Progress) Comma Squares At the quilter: Heart of Mine 2 Pick and Mix Simply Woven Top Completed, waiting for quilting: High Fashion Swoon Fat Quarter Shop BOM Planning: Avalon BOM quilt Secret Garden (layer cake quilt) Priscilla Tunic Lemonade Quilt - Malka fabrics

2014 Goals

I prefer goals to resolutions - more concrete, more definitive, more achievable.  So here's my attempt at setting some sewing and quilting SMART goals. 1.  Finish 24 Farmer's wife blocks.  That's 2/month, and doable. 2.  Finish the blocks for the FQS Mystery BOM.  I haven't done a single one so far, so I have some definite catch-up to do.  I'm giving myself until August 31st. 3.  Finish the blocks for Toes in the Sand.  These are quick to put together, I just need to make the time to do it.  I'm giving myself until July 31st.  4.  IF we cannot find my First Communion dress (and I know it's in Mom's attic somewhere), make a First Communion dress for Isadora.  I'm hoping I don't have to do this one - I'd really love to have her wear mine. 5.  Complete a Sally Shirtdress by May 1st. 6.  Complete a Priscilla Tunic by June 1st. 7.  Finish Ruby, Pearl and Opal by March 31st.  I never got all of the blocks back from my quilting bee, so I'