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Food in Jars

This was one of my birthday presents: There are a lot of fun looking recipes in here, and I hope to try some of them this year.  There are a number of rhubarb recipes that look just delicious.  I need to get some rhubarb going at the house, although I'm sure Mom will let me have quite a bit of hers!  I need to get some canning supplies ordered, like a jar lifter and a canning funnel.  I also need a decent sized stock pot for the water bath.  But nothing that will break the bank, and it's always nice to have homemade things in the pantry!


I cannot seem to shake this cold.  I think it's the remnants of the flu, although I did get my flu shot this year.  All I want to do is sleep!  I haven't managed to get anything done on my Hugs and Kisses quilt for a week or more.  Even if I did give myself some slack on my "no workout, no sewing" rule, I have collapsed into bed before nine for the last 10 days.  Except last night.  I made it all the way until 9:30.  So progress is slow, to say the least. Spent most of yesterday locked in an epic battle of wills with my daughter.  She will decide that she's not going to clean her room.  Eight hours she spent in there, refusing to clean.  It's exhausting, emotionally, on top of being sick.  I keep telling myself she's going to make a remarkable adult. 

Blech... Sickness

I don't think I've done any sewing for a week.  Come to think of it, I don't think I've done anything productive for a week.  I have some nasty bug that kept me pretty much in bed all weekend.  I've been going to work, but I am just exhausted, despite going to be around nine.  I hope this goes away soon, it is getting most bothersome. The kids are sick, too.  Gunner has an ear infection, although antibiotics are clearing that up quickly.  But he's also got a cough, and his nose is running non-stop.  I think Isadora has another bladder infection.  She's got intermittent fevers, general malaise, etc.  Last night she went to be entirely on her own at 7:45.  Definitely not my normal girl. 


We decided to make Isadora's valentines this year, rather than buying the pre-packaged ones.  I had small sheets of pretty paper, from one of those packs at Jo-Ann's, and a ton of stickers back from when I actually used my scrapbooking supplies.  I printed out labels for the to and from, and let her go wild with the stickers.  I think they turned out really cute, and she certainly enjoyed making them.  I used up extra supplies and didn't have to pay for new valentines.  Win-win!

My sweet girl

She has such a good heart! And my farmer Dad got a kick out of it as well.