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WIP Friday (yes, I'm behind)

I took yesterday off from work.  Wasn't feeling well, but it ended up being as much of a mental health day off as a sick day.  I took the kids to daycare, and had a WONDERFUL, quiet, blissful day at home.  Spent quite a bit of it in the craft room.  I didn't actually finish anything, unfortunately.  Unless you count the mending pile!  I've been avoiding that for months, which is silly, since it only took me an hour to get through the whole thing.  And now it's not staring at my daily! I also started back in on what is probably my oldest UFO.  I haven't even had it on the list, because it was lost.  As in I couldn't find it at all, and figured that it had been accidentally thrown out in a cleaning fit at some point.  A couple of weeks ago I found it - in Mom's storage shed, inside a tote.  Absolutely NO idea how it got there!  It and a bag of random scraps were in there, with a bunch of completely unrelated items.  So yesterday I fished it out, and started

My Girl...

My favorite of the teaser photos posted by Erin, of The Locket . 

WIP Wednesday

I've managed to get some time in the craft room lately, although it always seems there are other things demanding attention as well.  For example, I made a batch of rhubarb orange marmalade last night, using up the last of the rhubarb.  Fun, but time consuming! I've been continuing to work on some shirts.  I finished up the pin tuck shirt, and I love it.  I might make another with that pattern.  Not too difficult, and a fun finished product.  I have two more cut out.  I started working on one last night, and discovered rather quickly that it's going to be too small.  I'll have Collette try it on, and if it works for her will probably finish it up for her and hope I eventually shrink enough for it to work for me. Here's the list: Recent Completions: Summersville Crinkle Pin tuck shirt  WIPs: Farmer's Wife (LONG term project! - 17 blocks completed) Fat Quarter Shop BOM (TWELVE of twelve completed!! Have part of the background cut)

Summer Days

The 4th was great - a total "Americana" kind of day.  Isadora rode in the float for the YMCA, complete with red and blue stripes in her hair.  We went swimming in the pond with the kids - what fun! Although the bridge is a bit wonky (okay, completely wonky), it's still a great place to sit, and generally cool when there is a breeze coming over the water.  Isadora is still not the strongest swimmer, so she hung onto Marc pretty firmly.   Sofi had a great time.  She had left her suit at Sean and Barb's, so just stripped down (and kept stripping down) until she was completely naked, running up and down the bridge yelling WHHHEEEEE!!!!  It was quite adorable, and one of the benefits of living in the country is that no one is around to see it but us! We got the float out, too, and the kids took turns drifting over the pond. It took a bit of work to get it back to the bridge! We're still trying to figure out how to fix the bridge

WIP Wednesday

A few small changes to report - notably finishing Crinkle, which just about kicked my patootie.  Finishing the pin tuck shirt is next on the list, and probably another top or two after that.  I'm on kind of a clothes sewing kick, so I'm just going to go with that for a bit.  I will try and get some individual blocks for the QAYG quilt or the BOM quilts done, as well as a couple Farmer's Wife blocks.  Recent Completions: Summersville Crinkle   WIPs: Farmer's Wife (LONG term project! - 17 blocks completed) Fat Quarter Shop BOM (TWELVE of twelve completed!!) Ruby, Pearl and Opal (waiting for my bee blocks) Craftsy QAYG quilt (two of twelve completed) Pin tuck shirt Top Completed, waiting for quilting Swoon Summer Breeze Jewels Salad Hugs and Kisses Basic Math Planning: New FQS BOM quilt Toes in the sand BOM quilt Blue and white top Pink Skirt Heart of Mine 2 Simply Woven Lucky Pezzy

The quilt that almost defeated me

Have you ever had one of the projects where you just couldn't seem to win?  Where you made mistake after mistake, and things just never seemed to go right?  This was one of those.  One entire evening working on this quilt was spent with Dr. Who on Netflix whilst working the seam ripper. It started off innocently enough.  I have a new nephew, and I wanted to make him a fun little quilt.  I saw this one on Moda Bake Shop, and it seemed perfect.  The new nephew's older brother LOVED playing with creases as a baby, and I have many memories of doing the same on my now-disintegrated baby blanket.  So I loved this one.  I had some Summersville for an appropriately boyish quilt, and off I went.  It started off well enough, but all went downhill fast.  Silly mistakes, mistakes in judgement, problems with the machine, etc. etc.  I had to do some serious adjustments to my machine to machine quilt this one.  I learned to sew on this machine, and have been using it for 30 years, and I ha

Halfway Through the Year

Hard to believe, but I thought I'd check on on my list of goals... I want to finish Swoon, I think that is a given.  I also want to make a LOT more progress on my Farmer's Wife quilt.  I want to finish the BOM Vintage Modern Quilt. Since I have Summer Breeze in progress, finishing that is also on the list. - Swoon is done!  I haven't made as much progress on Farmer's Wife, but I have finished all the blocks for the BOM, and just need to get it put together.  Summer Breeze is finished (at least the top is, still needs to be quilted!).  I'd like to try a QAYG quilt.  Not sure on what, though!  I need to look through the other projects I have in my head, and get a good priority on them. - I signed up for the Craftsy QYAG class, and have completed two of the squares, but haven't actually quilted either of them.   I need (although I don't want!) to stop buying fabric!  Or at least limit it to fabric I need to finish a project, with an emphasis on usin