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WIP Tuesday

Recent Completions!! Chevron News (for Patrick)   WIPs: Blossoms (ender and leader set-up) Aviatrix (I've at least made the templates, so I'm counting that as a start!) Stars KerBloom Farmer's Wife Needs Binding   Swoon Stardust Vertical Drop Park Bench Christmas Runners 1-5  At the quilter: Christmas Runner 6 (I'm quilting)     Top Completed, waiting for quilting: Mosaic Breezeway Landscape Secret Garden Planning: Snowbird BOM Gravity Abacus Hidden Stars (baby quilt) The Lorax (baby quilt) Sticks and Stones (fall dinner 2016) Kelley's Quilt (commission for sister) Moda Building Blocks?? Secret Project  Triple Barn Star (w/ Morris layer cake) UFO's: Craftsy QAYG quilt (three of twelve completed) Vintage Modern Scrappy Fabulous Flowers - stalled until I figure out how to fix it...


My IG feed was deluged this week with #getyourquiltywishesgranted posts, where people asked for and granted various wishes.  I admit I don't have too many wishes (I have a pretty decent fabric budget), but I definitely wanted to grant some wishes.  I got a little overwhelmed looking through for individual wishes to grant, so I just posted things I thought people might like, and asked for takers. All of my scraps from Canyon Jewels - a decent amount of them, some oddly shaped.  I am terrible at using scraps, and would love to see someone get some use out of them. Two Moda scrap bags - see above comment on scraps.  These have been in my stash for several years, and I just can't see them getting used any time soon.  Or ever.  And my scrap bin.  I have a 20 gallon tote that is completely crammed with scraps.  Some sewing scraps, some random stuff, a lot of quilting scraps.  I filled up one large priority box, and four envelopes with scraps, and they are waiting