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Making Plans

Making plans  - 2020 Version! These are in no particular order: Disco by Jaybird Quilts.  This is probably going to be a little more time consuming on the layout and planning front.  But it should be a fun one to do.  Showering Stars: It should go together quickly and be a good charity quilt.  Borealis by Frond - LOVE those fabrics, and I doubt I'll be able to give this one away!  Paper pieced, and it's going to take a while but I ADORE this quilt.  Punked Posies, by Frond again.  This shouldn't take long to put together, it's the quilting that will take the time on this one.  I really need to sign up for one of their thread punk classes to get some more ideas before I tackle this one.  Folding Screen, with more Frond (do you sense a theme??): This one is lower on the list than the others.  Maybe a good one for retreat? Shade Garden by Frond: Another one that shouldn't be hard to put together, but I need to take the thread punk class fo

February already!

This week's goal is relatively simple; kit up everything I have planned and have the fabric for, and prioritize it.  I have a lot of vague idea's about what's planned, but I need to get realistic and USE the fabric I have, and get the quilting pile back under control.  I made a good dent in in over Christmas and I don't want it to get crazy again!   My scrappiest quilt ever  Fun with custom quilting!  Need pictures: Classic Meets Modern Frond kit - Birds of Paradise Teal and Cat Ombre tumblers (mini) Angela Walters BOM Beetle Adventures (mini) Magic Spark sample x3 Recent Finishes: Crystal Gems  Rows of Bricks Hexometry  Piecing: Percolate Moda Love quilt - center finished, need to add borders Ombre tumblers (leader and ender) Rhombus dance Mini Chic Country Needs Binding A New View Rainbow rectangle mini Nova Mini Quilt - black On the Longarm Mantle runner Top Completed, Waiting for Quilting Moda Building Blocks Prism Star Mantle runner  Nova