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Christmas Break Goals

Just because I want to give myself some accountability: 1. Quilt Mom's wall hanging 2. Finish piecing Modern Blues 3. Finish quilting the Batik HST quilt 4. Finish piecing Social Ladder Okay, I think those four are actually doable, and will plan on getting those, at a minimum, completed over break. Stretch goals: 1. Finish another quilters garden block 2. Get fabric cut for a new start 3. Quilt Every Which Way 4. Finish Flight Effects That should keep me plenty busy!  I'm sure it will go as usual, and I won't get nearly as much done as I think it could have or should have.  Regardless, I'm looking forward to some time away from work!

WIP Wednesday

As I mentioned in the last post, I successfully finished the three memory quilts, but I'm not sharing them until after Christmas.  I'm so pleased with how they turned out.  It's a busy week this week, with concerts and meetings and everything else, but the weekend is open, and next week I don't have much scheduled, although I'll be working on getting everything ready for Christmas.  Mom is having to move Grandpa to a local nursing home from where he's been for quite a while, so she's completely overwhelmed with that, and I'm trying to figure out how I can help her.  We'll see if she lets me! Barb's quilt has been taken off the WIP list; I decided it was causing me much more stress than pleasure, and it wasn't a quilt I'd particularly like even if I did finish it, so I offered it up for the cost of postage on Instagram and off it went.  I'm rather relieved!  I cut a few more blocks for Social Ladder last night, so should be ready t


I have FINISHED the three t-shirt quilts!  I'm not going to post anything but a sneak peek, because they are Christmas gifts, and although no one I know reads this blog, better safe than sorry, especially for something as special as those.  I gave them to the mom yesterday.  She didn't look at them while I was there; I hadn't really considered how emotional it might be for her.  She sent me a lovely note last night, and is quite happy with the results.  I am so relieved she loves them. I don't know that any other projects I've done have had that much thought and prayer put into them.  And the fact that every part of them is my design; although I had pictures for inspiration, I designed these from start to finish.  So of course that brings up the question of what to work on next!  I want to finish the modern blues top, that should take less than half an hour.  But I should really focus on getting the pile of tops that needs to be quilted taken care of.  First u

WIP Thursday

It's now deep into the holiday season.  Today is the last day of November, so I've got 25 days to finish the t-shirt quilts, get all the presents, make all the presents, wrap all the presents, make the cookies, and everything else the holidays entail.  This weekend is going to be quite busy, so I'm not sure how much progress I'll make, but a little bit every day will hopefully get me there! Some changes to the list, as I need to incorporate the Glamp projects, and some Christmas things. Some finishes! Libs Elliott Mini swap - another that will be hard to send away!  The mini with leftovers from my HST swap.   The pouch/folio for my Glamp swap partner! Love how the inside turned out!  Another project that never really made it on the list, although it's been a WIP for a while, has been the Little Fan Dance, which was from QuiltCon 2016, I think.  An Anna Maria Horner pattern, which I finally finished piecing, and did some fun quilting on