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February WIP

The weather this winter has been mild, but I'm sad to report that the bugs and viruses have not been so gentle.  Lots of sick kids, and I've been sick a lot more than usual as well.  It definitely impedes progress when you sleep for 16 hours a day, and spend the other eight hours lying in bed wishing you were asleep.  Isadora threw up this week, and gave me that stomach bug, too. I'm still getting accustomed to the "two sewing room" model.  So far I have apparel type projects inside the house, along with smaller projects.  I finished a quick mini out of a quilty box inside; something I could easily do in smaller bursts without having to brave the elements to go outside!  I need to get more apparel type stuff going, as well.  Need more fabric!  :)  I have several things cut out, but they're all sleeveless, summer stuff, and I'm going to wait to get started on those. Another mini on the planning list; Instagram swap again.  They are definitely fun to do.