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I have been meaning to finish another stocking for a while.  I have a whole collection of them, and since I don't think there's any way to finish the one I've been cross stitching, this one came up.  It's made of a small honey bun, using the tube-and-rip method of sewing strips back together.  I love the way it turned out.    When it came time to sew on a hanger, I used the Moda strip from the honey bun.  It made me smile.  The top band is done with the ruffler foot.  I love my ruffler foot!

A Binding Binge

I started on a much needed binding binge last night.  I actually managed to get my daughter into bed by 8:30, and after some much needed kitchen cleaning, set off to the craft room.  I have three quilts that need bound, and I managed to get the binding sewn onto the front of two of them.  Binding is my least favorite part of making a quilt.  Except for those last two inches, when I can finally say "Finished!" So let's see: Piecing - Farmer's Wife Swoon FQ Block of the Month Summer Jewels Top done, needs to be quilted Reunion Stacks of Color (Fiona's quilt) Super-size Shoefly Binding in Progress Fall Colors City Weekend Needs Binding Old Gold (batik hourglass)  Planning Ruby, Pearl and Opal (will be for my Quilt Bee) Hulabaloo Stars Batik Sampler Star Hugs and Kisses (for Gunner) Up next - finished another Swoon Block, BOM 5 and 6, at least two more FW blocks.  And make some stockings!  

A New Pattern!

My four patches are in progress for a new quilt.  This is the Jewels in the Curio pattern, found at the Moda Bakeshop, by the ever resourceful Jo, of Jo's Country Junction .  The original pattern calls for the two colored squares in each four patch to match.  I'd been thinking about mixing them up, and then Juliet got into the action.  She (the cat) has developed a great love of tearing up my craft room at night.  She will attack any neat pile of fabric, with great enthusiasm and predictable results!  Before I'd sewn the four patches together she got to them, and I found pieces all over the house.  I decided that was a message to mix it up a bit.  And I was too lazy to match them all up.  :)   And I now keep my craft room door firmly closed at night.  The fabric is Summer Breeze, and I love the blues, yellows and greens!

Father Daughter Dance!

Her first, and was she excited!


Halloween!   A bit blurry, but they had a good time! In other news, I finished Swoon Block 4, and FW #13 and #14.  I also organized my thread!!! Isn't is amazing how the little things can make us so happy?  Or at least me, I felt SO much better with all the thread neatly stacked, rather than stacked haphazardly on my desk.