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WIP Wednesday

Some pretty big changes this week!  I f eel like I've had no ti me whatsoever to sew this summer.  Even though I took all of last week of f, very little of it was I able to spend in t he sewing room, and what time I did spend there, after finishing up some binding, was cutting o ut apparel projects.  I have another secret project in t he work s; I just got the fabric ye sterday, so t hat will obviously ju m p to the top of the queue.  I also ch anged my plans for the fall dinner quilt - it had been sticks and stones, but I decided to use the same fabric but for something completely different.  I hope it tu rns out!  I have the backs pieced for all of the quilts that are waiting for quilting, so I'm hoping to ma ybe get th ose bas ted soon.  I think I'm going to try and tackle the quilting on all of them.   Recent Completions!! Control Pa nel Starry Field (aka Sec re t Project #2) Kelley's Q uilt   WIPS Aviatrix (I've at least made the t

Starry Field

Another Moda Bakeshop  finish!  I love how this one turned out.  It definitely too a while, and is by far the most complex pattern I've done, but I think there are so many possibilities with this one, and I hope that some people make this one and let me know what they've done. So many stars!  My flying geese ruler definitely came in handy for cutting things out, and proper trimming was absolutely key to this one coming out properly.  All those flying geese - the extra time in trimming was definitely made up in having the squares all come together easily for the final assembly. Mary, of Round the Bend quilting, fit me in on short notice, and did a great job of it.  A simple all over pattern, based on a small star shape and stippling, worked just perfectly. I went with a poly batting, since I wanted something very white to keep the color for the background bright, and I love the loft it gave it too. I had two people handy to do the quilt holding, and grabbed

The Happy Dance

I'm doing the happy dance here, because after what seems like a VERY long time (but probably really isn't), I have completed 20 of these squares, and sewn them together into a top!  What's more, my amazing quilter turned the top around in a day, and I can get it tonight, and get this one DONE.  It's a Bakeshop Project, so I've been feeling the pressure to get it turned around in a timely manner, and I feel like I'm way behind. So between finishing this, and the quilt for Kelley, I've cleared the decks to work on new things, and I'm super excited!  I'm really not sure what I'm going to tackle next.  I do have some clothing projects I want to get done, so I'm hoping I can get some cut out.  My daughter is in 4-H, and the season is in full swing, so my time has been limited.  I have, however, decided that I'm taking next week off to accommodate the fair.  But between the various family members, I shouldn't have to spend a ton of