The Lorax

For the past couple of years, my sister and I (we live next door to each other) have had a wonderful babysitter/nanny come to take care of our kids.  This year the nanny had a baby of her own, and I must say it's quite adorable how much our kids dote on the new baby!  Of course, I had to make a baby quilt for the new arrival.  In my continuing effort to not buy new fabric, I searched through my stash, and found a bundle of The Lorax.  How perfect!  I came up with the pattern on my own, and used up pretty much every inch of it.  I ended up ordering some additional fabric for backing and binding, but this was a definite stash buster.  And the nanny loves it, so a definite win.

I finally finished it just before I had to give it to her, and the wind was blowing gales that day, so forgive the settings.  It was the one place sheltered enough from the wind! 

The panels with the book pages helped it go together pretty quickly.  I also did the machine quilting.

I did triangles in the improv blocks and loops in the panel blocks, and one of my favorite patterns in all the sashing and borders.

The stripe on the binding makes a fun little accent! 

I used the remainder of the fat quarters for the back, and overall am quite pleased with how it turned out.  I hope baby Kieran will get lots of use out of it.


  1. What a cute quilt, I am a big fan of the Lorax and I am sure Baby Kieran will be too with this wonderful quilt!

  2. Lovely - how nice to be able to make such a great gift for your former nanny.

  3. Haha how fun is this quilt! My kids and I enjoy watching this movie. I have never seen this fabric before! It is very cute. Great job!


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