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Progress on the quilting front!

So I finished quilting the quilt for church. I ended up machine quilting it myself, with just a simple checkerboard pattern on the diagonal. I really like how it turned out! Had a few puckers on the back, but hopefully easily fixed. I used spray adhesive to baste it, and have to say I like that much better than using all those pins! Lessons learned for next time: Iron the batting! Iron the backing - again and again Vacuum under the rug. ;) More newspapers around the edge It's better with a partner! Thanks to Mom for helping me get it put together. Much easier that way!

Another giveaway!

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Another giveaway!

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Blocks quilt

I'm making a super fun quilt to auction off at our annual church dinner. This weekend I finally finished all the blocks. I was hoping to get some progress on sewing them together, but my daughter accidentally vacuumed over the foot pedal cord, and it required a little repair work. Oh well, at least it's fixed now!

Another giveaway

Okay, so far I've been posting more giveaways than quilt blocks! So here's another one...