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The craft room has been busy...

I don't have much in the way of pictures, but the craft room as been busy recently!  Mom, Collette and I took a wonderful trip to town this weekend, including a nice long stop at JoAnn's.  Lots of fabrics!!  In the past I haven't been thrilled with the knit section, and I always hesitate to buy knits on-line.  Quilting fabric is pretty easy to buy on-line, but knits, well, so much of a knit is how it feels.  But this weekend the selection was really pretty good.  Collette bought several fabrics to make shirts for herself, and I bought some to make two long tunic/dresses for Isadora.  I was going to buy some fabric to make leggings, but when I went to the cutting counter, I was behind two women who each had at least 15 bolts of fabric.  One of them was buying everything on the bolt.  So we ended up leaving without those, but I still had a great time! After the fabric store we headed to the sewing machine shop.  Mom got a featherweight at auction not long ago, and she sent