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Note to self:

Remember that some people are better at dealing with changes in plans than others.  Remember who.  Act accordingly. 


In retrospect, I can only laugh! Mom picked up Gunner from daycare yesterday, as I had a meeting with Isadora's principal.  We then met at the Y to do the PiYo class.  Well, she drove off with the car seat, so after a quick phone call she's on her way back, and Gunner is having a blast sitting in the driver's seat, playing with knobs, pushing buttons, etc.  Mom quickly shows up, and I start unhooking the carseat.  I turn around to open the door to put it in my car, and THE LITTLE STINKER HAS LOCKED THE DOORS!!!  Yes, he managed to lock himself in the car.  With my keys.   Fortunately it's a cool evening, so I don't have to worry about him overheating or anything, but he's only 18 months old, so doesn't really get it when I tell him to "hey, push that button there!" while vainly pointing down at the door handle.  I know where the spare set is - in my house, seven miles away.  So I hop in Mom's car and proceed at speeds far above the limit fo

Finally done!!!

Finished my first string quilt!  I finished the top to this last Christmas, but it seemed to take forever to get it fully completed!  Since it was a gift for my in-laws, and they are coming to visit, I guess I finally had the proper motivation.  The pattern is from Stratavarious Quilts, and it went together pretty easily.  Overall, I'm quite pleased with the results. There are a couple of other really beautiful quilts in the book, if you haven't seen it.  They are all string quilts from fat quarters.  I have a TON of fat quarters (I may have a slight problem, as in I-really-need-a-support-group problem, when it comes to fat quarters) so I think I'll probably do at least one more.  Several of them involve some really large scale applique, so that would be yet something else new!


My poor girl fell on Wednesday night.  I could tell she'd done some damage to her teeth.  Took her to the dentist first thing yesterday.  The dentist took one look at her and said she'd never seen anything like it in 25 years of practice, and an oral surgeon would be required.  Of course, since it was an accident, medical insurance, not dental, would take it.  Well, none of the oral surgeons take medical insurance, so I had to go to the ER.  We have a local university, so went there to get further referred to the dental school.  Although it sounds bad, I have to say they were remarkably efficient in most places.  She had basically landed straight on her teeth, and pushed three of the baby teeth clear up into her gums.  They were even with the un-erupted front teeth, so they were way up there.  She'd fractured the root on one of them, too.  After multiple people taking a look, the general consensus was that all of the damaged baby teeth had to come out, even the canine and

Do I really need another vice???

Many years ago, as in probably over 20, Mom taught me how to crochet.  I might have made one or two small projects, I can't remember, but it didn't stick quite like sewing and cross stitch did.  So why, I ask, have I suddenly become obsessed with the idea that I need to take up crochet again?  Today?? So today has found me browsing Amazon, looking at very cool crochet books.  I keep trying to talk sense into myself.  Why do I need another hobby?  I am at least six projects behind on my quilting and sewing.  When would I do this?  I have already completely given up television.  I leave the house at 7:15 and three nights a week don't get back for at least 12 hours.  What would I make?  Oh, this!  the devil on my shoulder says. Besides, you have lunch hours at work, when you should be doing something productive, instead of pinning yet more projects that you're never going to get to! Hopefully, sense will prevail shortly...


At Lilypad Quilting.  Looks like a lovely one, too.  I hadn't heard of this store before, but will definitely check it out!


The Quad County Pork Fest was going on this weekend.  I took the kids in, and we had a good time.  The weather could not have been more beautiful!  Isadora breaking boards with pink sparkly face paint! She does love to get fancy... Nephew Logan at the petting zoo Gunner cheering on big sister at the taekwondo demo Gunner, in the middle of leading me on a merry chase.  He's taken to finding small nooks and crannies to hide in. 


Making progress! I have three of them done now, and other two cut out.  I need to cut out more background blocks, though. I started another quilt last night, but one that will be really quick and easy to finish.  It's from Moda Bakeshop, and should be cute when done!  I am making a concerted effort to use the fabric in my stash, rather than keep buying new.  It's so HARD!  :)  I frequently don't have the background fabric I need.  For this one, I had three charm packs of City Weekend, and am using some leftover backing fabric from another quilt for the background.  I'm traditional enough to generally always use white for background, and this is lime green, so I'm definitely stepping out of my comfort zone! I also have a jelly roll and a layer cake of Summersville, and have been trying and trying to come up with the perfect project for it.  I thought I had a good pattern, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be way too busy, so

It's growing!

And shrinking my bank account, but the end result will be well worth it! Two weekends ago, we had the first kid fun in the pond.  There was only about two feet of water in it, but they were splashing and playing in there for probably two hours.  And so covered in mud you could barely tell which one was which, but definitely a great start to the pond!

My Girl

I met with my daughter's teachers on Friday.  They want me to have my girl, my sweet, adorable, bright, exuberant girl, evaluated for ADD.  The not unspoken result being, of course, that I medicate her.  This would, of course, make her teachers' lives easier.  So what if the result is that I manage to teach a sensitive six-year-old that there is something wrong with her?  Or that the only way she can function in life is with a pill?  She is not hyperactive - they think it's the 'inattention' type of ADD.  Yes, she does have difficulty paying attention.  And she does display many of the signs of that type of ADD.  But do I believe it is severe enough to classify as a 'disability'?  No. Do I want her labeled at this young age?  No.  Do I want what's best for her?  Yes.  But what is that?  Do I trust that her teachers will work with me?  Do I become one of "those" difficult parents?  I just don't know.  Do I think she probabl