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Thursday WIP List

There has been progress in the past couple of weeks; nothing dramatic, but it's there! Moving along on the Build a Quilt BOM - this is block 9.  I'm pretty please with how this one came out. I spent some time working with my daughter on a visual arts project for 4-H.  I like the texture in this; she's having fun with it as well. This project jumped into the queue.  I hadn't planned on it for this year, but I'm part of our local Fine Arts Boosters, and we're raising money for new marching band uniforms.  This one is going to be raffled off; hopefully it will at least raise enough to buy one uniform!  Those things are expensive. Another one jumped into the project list as well.  A co-worker of my husband's, who is also a quilter, lost everything in a house fire recently.  She likes blue, so I made her a queen size blue and white quilt.  It's a pretty basic one, but it's done except for the binding. I've made significant progres

Working those WIP's

Some charity quilts on the frame - Natalie and I finished these up.  I did some simple quilting on this one - this quilt is really all about the fabrics and colors, so I kept the quilting to a minimum.  I now have a binding pile again! Our guild is doing a mystery challenge, and although I know what the result is, so it really isn't a mystery to me, I'm still playing along.  It's a great opportunity to use up this Kate Spain!   A sneak peek at a mystery project!  Lots of fun quilting on this one...  One of the Build a Quilt blocks.   And another couple of blocks for Classic Meets Modern! I've been making some progress on Bitter Almond - lots of piecing for that one.  I need to get more piecing done for Morris Apprentice, as well.  If I get some time to get something on the frame, I'll probably load up Crystal Gems or the modern quilt.  Crystal Gems is just all over quilting, and I will have a little fun with the modern one,