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As I said, I'm doing a lot more stitching lately, so I would love to win this!

WIP Wednesday

Some actual changes this week!  I'm still working on cutting out clothing projects.  I finished a quick pair of pants, and cut out two or three shirts.  I have several more pieces of fabric that I'm struggling to figure out what to make.  I've got a shirt dress I want to get cut out, as well.  I need to plan a binge watching session with something while I cut secret project #2 out. I pieced the back for Breezeway, and have Control Panel ready to baste.  I'm moving Mosaic to the finished pile, as I've decided to send it off to Jo at Jo's Country Junction as a charity quilt.  I like it, but not enough to keep it, and I've got too many others in the queue.  Recent Completions!! Mosaic WIPS Aviatrix (I've at least made the templates, so I'm counting that as a start!) Farmer's Wife  Secret project #2 Needs Binding   At the quilter: Kelley's Quilt     Top Completed, waiting for quilt

May is for Makers - Part 2

Having a ton of fun looking at independent patterns.  I have enough patterns (clothes, bags, quilts, cross-stitch, etc.) that I could never possibly finish them all, but collecting patterns is half the fun!  I love going through them, pairing them up with fabric, and making plans.  So for this week I went with a quilt pattern from Rachel at Stitched in Color I love the bit of improv, I love the overall look, and the possibilities!

WIP Wednesday

As we get into summer, the days keep technically getting longer, but they feel like they're getting shorter as more and more things make their way onto the calendar.  I'm spending more time just relaxing and watching tv/cross-stitching with hubby, as his new job is turning out to be pretty arduous, and he needs some downtime.  I am finishing the round robins pretty quickly that way, though!  It's only the 12th, and the hard one is almost entirely done.  I'm also spending more sewing time on clothes, as I have a number of projects that are partially finished.  Last night I sorted the projects, and just threw a couple away.  They were ones where it had become pretty clear that something was not right with the project, or I realized I was just not going to like the final product.  I have too little time, I've decided, to devote to things I really would rather not be working on, and won't use when I'm finished!  I finished up one top that I love, and have ever

May is for Makers

May is for Makers - I've seen this on both blogs and Instagram, and the original post is here .  And I think it's a great idea.  I don't have enough time to make everything I already have patterns for, but I always say half the fun is collecting patterns!  And the simple truth is I should to more to support independent designers.  I don't have time because I work full time, but I'm luck enough to have a job that provides me with a sewing/quilting/making/hobby budget that I'm well aware many would kill for, so I'm going to get a pattern each week, even if I don't have time to finish it!  And if nothing else, it will help support those lucky enough to help support themselves, either full time or as a sideline, by creating things. This will be my first purchase:  Finding really cute patterns for my tween daughter is not easy; there's a limited selection, so I'm always excited when I can find one she likes!  I think this one is great, and s