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Another giveaway ! I'd love to try some new thread!

Other projects

Well, I have finished 8 and 9. I can't remember which, but one of them just kicked my patootie! Seriously, I think I ripped out every single seam in it at least once. I was paper piecing it, and kept getting the colors backwards. And crooked. Luckily bowtie was a little easier! In the mean time, I decided to make a quilt to donate to my church to auction off at our annual fall dinner fundraiser. I'm using two Hoopla layer cakes from Moda. They are such fun, bright colors! Probably ones I would normally steer clear of, but they are definitely a blast to work with, and I hope people like the final product!


So this is a total first, I'm attempting to link to another blog. They are having a giveaway at one of my favorite places, Let's see if this works! No idea if I'm doing that right, we'll see if it shows up as a link...

Sewing fun

I finished block 8 this week! I am seriously thanking the person who did all the paperpiecing patterns! I might have mentioned that before... :) I have also been working on some clothes for my daughter. She's going off to kindergarten in three weeks, and I just had to make some clothes for her. My first day of kindergarten pictures show me in this adorable sweatshirt my mom made for me, with my name across the front and a whole farm scene embroidered on the back. I wish I knew where that was! Mom also brought back a coat that she made her sister years ago. Talk about a beautiful tailoring project! I enjoy sewing, but I fear I shall NEVER be in my mother's league when it comes to sewing. Especially clothing!

Slow Progress

Okay, I've finished 1,2,3,5,6 and 7. Yes, I skipped four. The basket handle scares me a bit!!!