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Snowing and Sewing

It's now been two full weeks that there hasn't been school.  Yesterday work was mostly closed, so it was a work from home day again, as well.  I've been really good about just 10 minutes of sewing here or there, and it's really adding up! And making minis is such good instant gratification. For the minis, I decided it was time to use some of my specialty rulers, just because.  So I made a tumbler mini, and one with my sidekick ruler.  I used some leftovers for the former, and a partial charm pack of Amy Butler for the latter, so win-win all around!  I'm thinking big stitch quilting?  Love that Amy Butler fabric!!  I started one out of the clamshell ruler, but that's going to have to wait until I've developed into a much more patient quilter than I currently am... I have a huge stack of layer cakes, so I'm also trying to get some quick quilts made up to use up some of those.  I pulled my Catnip cake (prize from the #rowsofcats quilt along

More Snow Day - Sew Day WIP Progress

The kids have now been out of school for 10 days; five consecutive snow days!! That combined with scheduled absences now has us on basically a second winter break.  My son has now watched pretty much every dinosaur show available on Curiosity Stream, and has moved on to shows about how the universe was made.  And he's built LOTS of lego toys, but he's definitely ready to go back to school. At least with the weather, there have been lots of cancelled evening meetings and lots of working from home, so my production has definitely gone up!  I'd decided there weren't enough mini quilts in my inside sewing room, so I've been working on remedying that situation. I found this vintage embroidery in a box of stuff from Mom, and added the borders to make it a mini.  The scraps from Quill just happened to work perfectly, color wise!  Speaking of Quill, it's now a top and in the long-arm pile! This is cut and ready to be pieced together.  I adjusted the pattern

Snow Day, Sew Day

The weather prognosticators are at it again, predicting from 6-10 inches of snow for most of the state this weekend.  So while everyone else is stocking up on bread and milk, I ran to the fabric store over lunch to make sure I had everything I needed for several days of sewing.  It's not that I don't have enough fabric at home, but my sister asked me to whip up some aprons for a fundraiser, and I got an idea to do it out of a specific fabric, and I think they're going to turn out great.  She has a Feb 1st deadline, so I'm hoping I can get all of them done this weekend - it's a mom/daughter/doll matching set. I finished up Shenandoah last night, getting the hanging sleeve added.  I'm not thrilled with how it hangs overall, though; there is a definite curl at the bottom.  It's like the binding is just a hair smaller than the rest of the quilt.  I always use the walking foot, so I'm not sure what caused it, but it's staying as is.  If it looks too fun

First WIP of the Year...

A New Year has begun!  And new to-do lists are being generated all the time.  I'm revamping my planning list, to get it a bit more under control and reflect what I really want to do.  Of course, I have new projects to add to the list!  Mod Owls is one of those - just too adorable, and would use all stash; two bundles from Quilty Box and a marble background fabric.  I've never used my QCR ruler, so a good excuse to learn something new as well.  I have a couple new Frond kits that are now on the list as well. Marc got me this one for Christmas - a good one to add to the display rotation!  Although I'm thinking I need to find another spot, so I can hang more of them more often. :) This is another mini - I want to get it done to enter at the county fair, just for something a bit different!  I also like being forced a bit out of my comfort zone with the improv style. Last night I finished up the top for Classic Meets Modern - it's a fun finish!  It was a quil

Classic Meets Modern is a top!

On the WIP list for a year has been Classic Meets Modern - a quilt along hosted by My Quilt Infatuation.  It's now a quilt top! I loved the pattern.  It had a similar vibe to Moda Building Blocks, which I'd finished in Downton Abbey fabrics.  I wanted this one to feel a bit more modern, so I elected to do it in grunge-like solids from Craftsy.  I had a fat quarter bundle in my stash, although I did have to pick up a few more to finish  I'll freely admit I didn't plan out the colors, just made the blocks as I liked them.  Consequently my layout isn't exactly like the pattern, as I had to spread out the colors a bit.  I managed to keep up through the entire QAL, with the exception of actually putting the top together! I delayed a bit on the top, I had one square that I'd made out of darker fabrics, and to me it just stood out too much, but I procrastinated terribly on remaking it.  I finally made a replacement; not the same pattern but a

Reviewing the Planning List

As the year winds up, I thought I'd take a look at my planning post from the beginning of the year, and see how I did. Baby Quilt for Heather (Rail Fence stars? ) - I finished this one (on time!) and it's been mailed off it's new owner Sparklers - Not started Abacus - In progress, five of ten rows pieced Triple Barn Star - for Aunt Bev - changed patterns, and top is finished  Aviatrix - no progress Making Modern - Rainbow quilt - top is finished Downton Abbey economy blocks quilt - no progress Bitter Almond - all blocks pieced, deciding if I should size up to a bed-size Lemon Pepper - not started Shenandoah - needs binding only Color Plus - not started Happy Camper - not started Chic Country - not started Wonderland - needs binding only  Percolate - not started Prism Star - 3/4 of diamonds finished Moda Love II - not started Classic Meets Modern - top is mid-assembly Angela Walters BOM - all blocks done, working on setti