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The Zoe Dress

With the help of my wonderful mother, the Zoe Dress is finished!  I was so excited about this one - such a lovely pattern from Sew Serendipity. I would say just a couple of things.  First of all, if you're of above average size, this is not for you.  That is not a euphemism.  At a size 12, I wear the average size of a US woman, and I needed the XXL size for this pattern.  And she is not kidding when she says the pattern is designed for someone 5'4".  I added a full four inches to the skirt length. The pattern is designed really well, with the exception that the sleeve did NOT fit as designed.  There is a very nice pleat in the pattern, but I had to take it out completely to get it to fit into the bodice.  The skirt pleats took a bit of adjustment (thanks mom!) but turned out very lovely. I did a lot of fussing with the layout while cutting to make sure the patterns matched up, which was challenging, as they are laid out on a slight bias, but I think it worked out well!

Indeed it was a Merry Christmas!

Mass was at the highly inconvenient time of 8 p.m., so Gunner stayed home with Daddy.  I think everyone preferred it that way!  Isadora was ready to pass out during most the Mass, although she did get to put baby Jesus in the manger.  She was asleep approximately 2.6 seconds after I put her in bed when we got home.  It was a wonderful Christmas.  My family is very blessed. 

Back at it

Finally just forced some time into my schedule to get some sewing done.  It helped that I had a chance to take the kids to Mom's for a couple of hours!  Finished up a new top for me, and started sewing a muslin for my Zoe dress.  That's going to be a project, to say the least. 

No progress

I must admit progress has come to a complete halt lately.  I just have not made it down to my sewing room.  No time, too much stuff going on.  I hosted 30 people for Thanksgiving, and my husband made a surprise trip home, so that was great, but it was hectic.  I'm working on getting the basement finished, so that takes up time.  Really need to get back to it...