Park Bench

Another finish that finally got photographed!  The dreary days of February and March really don't lend themselves well to photos.  It was a very mild winter here, so lots and lots of mud.  And I'm not a big fan of taking nice quilts into muddy areas!  There was also a distinct lack of sunshine for extended periods.  But regardless, the quilts are finished!

I did wait a little too late into the day for the good sunshine, but I kind of like the shadows.  Obviously it has been folded a little too long.  My quilting mentor has told me several times that quilts should never be folded; it's much better to wad them up or roll them.  My husband, however, is an unrepentant folder.  This quilt stays in the living room, and if he is in the living room, it gets folded.  I'll have to rotate it through the basement to make sure the creases don't become permanent.  (Basement quilts are wadded, balled up, cuddled, used for forts and doll picnics, and generally abusingly loved.) 

The pattern is Park Bench, a block-of-the-month from the Fat Quarter shop.  It's a Jaybird Quilts pattern, using the Hex-n-more and sidekick rulers.  The blocks look complex, but they actually went together quickly and easily.  I love the colors and fabrics.  Botanical, I think the line was.  Sadly, I can't quite remember.  

This is another one that will likely be staying with me.  Despite his insistence upon folding, my dear hubby has at least gone along (so far) with the general decorate-with-quilts theme.  :) 


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