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New Fabric

Due to a strange confluence of events, I actually had well over an hour to spend at the fabric store yesterday.  By myself.  Nothing I had to get, nothing that needed to be done, just some time for me and the fabric and to see what inspiration happened to strike.  I ended up with some fabric for clothes for Isadora.  She's now definitely into Girl sized clothes, not the little kids clothes anymore, and I have been less than pleased with the style options when it comes to finding her things to wear.  Call me too prudish, but she DOESN'T belong in half of what they sell.  It is just not appropriate for a six year old!  She's not a small adult, she shouldn't be dressing in adult styles.  I want her dressing in styles that are appropriate for her age.  I'm finding that this means I have to spend a bit more and shop on-line (Land's End has really good kid stuff) or I have to spend a bit more and make stuff.  So I found a cute pattern for a summer dress, so I'm go

Quilt Cruises??!?

Oh, my goodness, I had no idea there was such a thing!  Really, quilting cruises ??? Bestill my heart.  :)  As much as I would love it, though, couldn't get hubby to ever agree to watch the kids for a week so I could go cruise on board a ship!  Not that I don't intend to try and convince him, of course...


So I finally started my first swoon block.  I've seen so many of these blocks around the quilting blog world.  I hope I'm not tired of them by the time I finish!  I do love the pattern, though, so hopefully I'll like the finished result as well.  I'm doing mine from batiks.  I have a ton of batik fat quarters (courtesy of the batik fat quarter of the month club from The Fat Quarter Shop ) so this seemed like a wonderful way to use them up.  They are mostly purples and greys.  I'll post a picture when I finish the first one!

New Giveaway!

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