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Glamp Stitch-a-lot!

I headed to Pink Castle Fabrics and Glamp Stitch-a-lot last weekend, and had an absolutely amazing time.  Hubby was worried about me going to Detroit, and I laughed and assured him that chances were I'd never leave the hotel.  I was right - we sewed from early morning to late night, and had a blast.  It's so fun to hang out with a group, where questions like "ooh - love your bag, what interfacing did you use??" are perfectly normal, and where you can get lots of help and opinions on just what color fabric should go where. We had four classes over two days, by AnneMarie Cheny, Anna Maria Horner, Guiseppe and Lizzy House.  Talk about a star line-up!  I loved all of them, and can't wait to finish the projects we started. The general theme was "mini's", and Guicy Guice took it quite literally!  These four inch paper-pieced blocks were time-consuming, but oh so fun!  I'm planning on putting the four black ones on the pocket of a purse.