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WIP Wednesday

Time for a much, much overdue WIP Wednesday... This week I had to entirely empty out my huge fabric cabinets.  We are building a shop on our acreage, and we designed a loft room to go into the top of one end.  It's going to be 12x30, so a good sized space. The idea is that someday I will own a long-arm quilting machine, and that will be its home.  In the meantime, it will still be my primary sewing room.  The current sewing room will covert to the guest room, and the current smaller guest room will be my 'satellite' sewing room.  So I get a ton of room, but that does mean a LOT of thinking and organizing about what will go where.  The loft room is open right now, and I put the cabinets on pallets so the construction company can lift them up with forklifts and get them put into place.  The things are well over six feet tall, and weigh a TON, so this is by far the best way to move them!  It involved 5 adults just to move them the 15 feet to the pallets (although that did

A Thicket of Stars

This was a fun one!  I'd sketched out the design a while ago, and when picking fabric options for the Moda Bakeshop, the center of my 'octagons' seemed to call out for the animals in this line, rather than the pinwheel shapes I'd originally planned.  I love how it turned out! Key to the success of actually constructing the quilt top was to find away to make the half rectangle triangle with the right dimensions, so that it was 2 inches wide and 4 inches tall.  The provided template will work, as well as several rulers.   This one goes together very quickly.  I did simple straight-line quilting, which was both easy to do and emphasizes the outlines of the stretched stars.  Windy day!  I finished this up and had to get the pictures taken. Unfortunately, the wind wasn't really cooperating, but I did like this location.  I'd have a hard time saying which little animal is my favorite, but this guy probably wins. :) Another fun project finished!  T