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Weekly WIP

I made up this list prior to the weekend:  Weekend TO DO - in order of priority Finish piecing Frond Kit from Marc Binding for Marisa's baby quilt  Cut Frond quilt #2 Piece top of Bitter Almond   Finish piecing Prism Cut strips for Four Square   Find or piece backings for everything that needs long-armed  Also - hit up the sale at Fern Hill Gifts.  Alternate list with one long-arm row on Bev's quilt.   So how did I do?  Well, I finished piecing the Frond Kit, so that's being added to the ready-to-quilt list.  I got the binding added, so Marisa's baby quilt is finished!  I did finish the cutting for the new Frond quilt, as well, so that's ready to piece.  I finished Bitter Almond, and Layer Cake Quilt #2 as well. I didn't get 5 or 6 done, but I did start matching up the backings. Finished Baby Quilt! This one is actually finished, no thanks to Ophelia! Sadly, the problem came with Bev's quilt.  It was going great for about five pa