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Back to School time...

In the last post I listed a few things to get done -  Finish cutting the sashing for the Morris quilt.  The blocks are almost done. Assemble the top of Bitter Almond Attach the handle of the 2nd Maker's Tote Pictures of Band Camp quilt Assemble the top of Shenandoah (should be quick...) Load every which way onto the long-arm.  The first is done!  I had a bit of a panic, as I'd run out of Kona Charcoal.  No problem, I thought at first, I'll just run to my LQS and pick up some more.  Well, it didn't match.  Ack!  I went back and forth, debating what to do.  In desperation, I checked my solids shelf one last time, and found another half yard of the original cut.  I had this much left when I finished cutting sashing strips. I think the new stuff will be fine to use for the binding.  So now I just need to lay those out and get them assembled.  I still need to assemble the top of Bitter Almond - no progress there, largely because I'm still debating the &qu

Back to Reality

The family reunion is over, the fair is over, the students are almost back to campus and my kids are getting ready to get back to school.  So it's time to crack down and get back to work! Progress, though - singing the blues is at the Bakeshop! One of my favorite quilty buddies happens to be a cousin, and I made her a Maker's Tote to give her at the reunion. (I cut out a second one for me, and it's almost done as well.) Classic meets modern blocks! Angela Walter's Build a Quilt block I need some good pictures of recent finishes, like Band Camp and my Frond Butterfly quilt And Bitter Almost just needs assembled, although I'm still debating sizing it up for my bed.  It does beg the question of how many quilts do I need for my bed.  I only have two, currently. So things that I need to do: Finish cutting the sashing for the Morris quilt.  The blocks are almost done. Assemble the top of Bitter Almond Attach the handle of the 2nd Maker&

Singing the Blues!

My latest Moda Bakeshop quilt is done!  This was a relatively simple pattern, but with the beautiful blue fabrics and the fun I had with the machine quilting, it's a new favorite. It's a relatively straightforward design and construction.  I put it together in columns, to speed up construction and reduce the number of seams.   I sketched out half a dozen different quilting designs, and went with one that I ended up loving.  It was definitely a challenge to quilt, as it involved rolling the quilt back and forth a LOT on the rollers.  It was enough to make me wonder how expensive it would be to get one of those frames with the automatic advance features, that's for sure.  All of the filler motifs are ones that I've done before, but it's always challenging to do them on the diagonal, and consistently filling in those corners was a challenge, but overall I'm quite pleased.  I also ended up outlining each of the blocks by stitching in the ditch.  I