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Another year of Quarantine

The vaccine is rolling, out, but OH SO SLOWLY.  And I'm about dead last on our priority list (as it probably should be - no complaints!) so I just need to keep on going.  I've felt the need for some slow stitching recently, which has done good things for the progress on a lot of old cross stitch UFO's.  I finished the Band Sampler that I did as a round robin a while ago.  It's beautiful, but with Mary Ellen gone I'll have to spend a LOT more than I used to to get it framed!   I've also completed "A Little Quakeresque" sampler - such a lovely project!  And my "12 Days of Christmas" piece is done as well, although I did have to order more floss.  I think it might end up as a pillow cover?  I can't think of a place to hang in during the holidays.    My piecing list is actually pretty under control for a change.  I decided to join in on a quilt along for "All the Good" and I absolutely LOVE how it's turned out.  It was part of a