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Actual to do's!

After finally updating the WIP list, the next logical step is to come up with the to do's to make progress on all those planned and in-progress projects!  So let's see where that leads me... First things first, I need to finish writing the instructions for Step Down.  It's a Moda Bakeshop project, and it came with a rather short deadline.  Throw in that miserable cold that everyone had, and I'm behind, but getting there! I need to get the centers put on the Little Fan Dance quilt, and then get a hanging sleeve finished.  It's probably time to take down the Christmas quilt!  My quilting buddy helped me solve the question of centers, giving me the perfect suggestion to fix the issue I'd been having with the color.  Next is getting caught up on the BOM's.  The Build-a-Quilt block arrived yesterday, so I can get going on that (and it appears to be a very quick one!)  I have just a few steps to go to finish the last square for the Classic Meets Modern

WIP Tuesday

I'm just feeling a need to get things written down and organized again.  My binding pile is a bit ridiculous - I just need to buckle down and do a couple of those!  Recent Finishes   Step Down - Moda Bakeshop quilt  F at Quarter quick quilt - Black and White batiks Mom's quilt  Hoop mini - purples PB&J four patch Rail Fence Baby quilt for Heather  Piecing  Crystal Gems  QAD Flight Effects mini   Angela Walters BOM - three blocks finished Classic Meets Modern BOM - January blocks finished Morris Apprentice - for Bev (cutting started, demo block done)  Making Modern - Rainbow quilt (cutting started)  Prism Star - demo for guild  Needs Binding Anna Maria Horner Little Fan Dance - bound but needs centers  Loominous Applique mini - AMH Hoop mini - orange Making Modern - Blues  Social Ladder Libs Elliott mini  Top Completed, Waiting for Quilting Every Which Way - ready to load  Mom's table runner  Moda Building Blocks Frond butterfly quilt Batik HST - quilting

Unproductive week...

Last Thursday I felt like I was coming down with something, and by Friday morning, I had fever and chills, coughing and hacking, and generally felt terrible.  I can't say I've felt much better since, although this morning I started to feel at least mildly human again.  The entire weekend was pretty much a bust; I spent most of it in bed, tossing and turning, and generally not feeling very well at all.  I have accomplished very little since then, either, I'm sorry to say.  Right before I got sick, DD mentioned that oh, yeah, that project she's supposed to have been working on for two weeks is due tomorrow...  Thank goodness for a decent stock of grey fabric and scraps of batting to create a temple!   This just needs those centers attached.  I cut the size down a bit, but I'm not quite sure how I'm going to attach them yet. Finally made a little more progress on this - need to finish!  The little guy picked up the bug, too. :(  Lots of sleeping

Classic Meets Modern

One of my in works projects is Classic meets Modern, from My Quilt Infatuation.  It's a fun sampler, with multiple sizes of blocks.  I decided to do it in solids (or solids-ish) to differentiate it from my Moda Building Blocks quilt. I started with this bunch of fabric, from Craftsy.  The pattern calls for a few more fat quarters than this, so I picked up another bundle to ensure I have enough. This is block 1 - I mixed up the construction a bit to reduce the number of seams and half square triangles, and I like the way it turned out! Block 2 was a quick finish - I should probably put a little more thought into the overall color placement, but for now I'm having fun just grabbing colors. :)

WIP Wednesday

Things have been a little crazy lately, and I haven't had nearly as much time for sewing as usual.  First and foremost, Dad is in the hospital after a double bypass heart surgery.  He's always been healthy as can be; this is the guy who celebrated turning 70 by riding his bicycle across the country!  But he had chest pains a couple of weeks ago, and fortunately it was enough of a warning to get him checked out, without actually doing any damage to his heart.  He had the surgery last Thursday, and he's had some issues since.  We're hoping he gets discharged today.  He and mom have had three of my nieces staying with them while my sister builds a house, so arrangements had to be made to get them taken care of.  My sister found a house to rent, which she hadn't thought she'd be able to do but it was one of those unforeseen blessings that fell into her lap.  I will miss having the girls around, though, and my daughter is heartbroken about having her cousins move aw