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Kate Spain Cheer

A while back I participated in a Kate Spain charm swap.  I cut up two yards of different Kate Spain prints, and got 112 different charms back.  So using those and two additional charm packs (Honey Honey and Daydreams), I got to work on Charming Stars .  I had very few duplicate prints, and enough charms to enlarge the pattern to five squares down and across.  Here are my finished squares:   How can you be anything but cheerful looking at all this color?!?  I have a feeling this is going to be one of my all time favorites... 

Smiles from my girl

Just one of those things I want to make sure I get written down for posterity - I'd purchased a book on Saints for Isadora, to help educate her and teach her about her Catholic faith.  The book is broken up into sections - Saints who loved children, Saints who helped people, etc.  One of them was Saints who are brave.  This, of course, very much appealed to Isadora.  She was reading it in her room after I tucked her in, and came out about 15 minutes later looking very distressed.  "Mom, I really don't want to be a Saint who was brave.  All of those stories end in death!!"  So I took some time to reassure her and explain why freedom of religion is such a wonderful thing.  And then read some more about Saints who love children... :)  

Checking things off!

It's amazing how much simple pleasure I get from moving things to the "Top Completed" category in my quilt database, or checking items off of my Things list (Things is a marvelous productivity app, if you're looking for one!)  Last night I got another quilt into the top completed category: This is Toes in the Sand, and since it was a BOM from FQS, it's been in the works for over a year.  So it's pretty exciting to move it into the top completed category!  Of course, my long-arm quilter is moving to Texas, so I have no idea when I'll get it into the totally finished category.  I'm please with how this one came out.  There are a lot of bias edges with all those triangles, but with lots of starch and ironing, I think it came out pretty well!  So it's the first of my PB&J quilts; since that line was the color inspiration for my basement, there will be more. :) In other news, I have started doing leaders and enders; I had an entire pile o

So close!

I am SO close to finishing the top for Toes in the Sand.  I got all the rows sewn together, I just have to get borders sewn on two sides.  I want to take the time and lay it out flat and do it correctly, so I didn't rush to finish before bed last night (although I was tempted).  I managed to cross four or five things off the to do list last night, so I'll call that a win. 

Good Things

Colorful Reunion is on its way to be auctioned off!  I love it when my hobby can help someone; always feels good, even if I do occasionally miss all those quilts!  I have two more tops that I need to get sent off to Jo at Jo's Country Junction for charity quilts, too. I had plans for the weekend.  A group of my old high school friends was going to get together at my house, but ALL FOUR of them bailed.  Two of them (twin sisters) told me they couldn't make it, and my younger sister saw them the same evening they were supposed to come over out bar-hopping.  So I guess I know where I rank! :)  I don't mind, though, as I really did need a quiet evening in by myself (can you say introvert??).  The kids cooperated and went to bed at a decent hour, and I made really good progress piecing together the top of Toes in the Sand.  I have six of seven rows put together, so I should be able to get the whole thing finished in another hour or so of work.  It's triangle-based, so deal