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WIP Wednesday

I didn't get to the gym yesterday (although I did have a fabulous conversation with a colleague throughout my entire lunch hour, so it wasn't like I was wasting time) so I didn't get to the craft room in the evening.  Isadora had another early out due to the heat (PLEASE, let this heat break!) so I had to run down to Mom's to get her, and had dinner there.  We also worked on the letters to go out to the families for the church dinner, so it was still a productive evening.  But with everything I did over the last week, there are some significant changes to the WIP list! Recent Completions: Summer Breeze Pink Pleated Skirt Isadora's ruffled Skirt Cameo Dress Pick and Mix WIPs:   Farmer's Wife (LONG term project! - 20 blocks completed) Ruby, Pearl and Opal (waiting for my bee blocks) Craftsy QAYG quilt (two of twelve completed) Blue and white shirt (maybe finish for Collette?) Black and White Shirt Toes in the sand BOM quilt Needs B

Getting things done

It's been a gratifyingly productive couple of days, at least in my craft room!  The rest of the house, not so much. :)  Although my Dad's return to the farm has meant that there is progress being made on my bridge! It's level!!  It's straight!! This is quite exciting, to say the least.  I'm so glad that Marc will get to see it before he heads off to California next week.  Dad and Sean rented a massive jackhammer like thing (don't you love my technical talk?) to ram the posts back down, and Dad's been hooking the uni-loader up with a really long rope to pull the posts back in straight.  Last night I REALLY wanted to just jump in and take a little swim.  But I figured someone should stay in the house and watch the kids. :) I finished Summer Breeze - I love how it turned out, and will hopefully get some photos posted soon. I completed the top for Heart of Mine II.  My initial thought was that this one would go to Jo for a charity top, but I'm unde

WIP Wednesday

 A little progress here and there.  Heart of Mine is in progress, but I'm not happy with the fabric choices I have, and am going to pause and try to find some better ones.  Had to do some hemming for Marc.  And I REALLY need to get cracking on some clothes for Isadora for school.  I also have no idea what to do for trim on my Cameo dress.    Recent Completions:   Gunner's throw toys Pick and Mix (Old UFO - not really complete, but I'm sending it off for charity, so it's done to me)   WIPs:   Farmer's Wife (LONG term project! - 20 blocks completed) Fat Quarter Shop BOM (TWELVE of twelve completed!! Center of quilt completed, needs borders) Ruby, Pearl and Opal (waiting for my bee blocks) Craftsy QAYG quilt (two of twelve completed) Blue and white shirt (maybe finish for Collette?) Cameo Dress  Heart of Mine 2 Needs Binding:  Summer Breeze Jewels  Hugs and Kisses   At the Quilters:   Salad

Finally, some progress

I finished the Pick and Mix top!  This was without a doubt my oldest UFO, for the simple reason that it had been missing for probably two years.  As in, REALLY missing.  I'd long ago resigned myself to the fact that the bag it was in had been thrown away in a fit of cleaning.  I found it a couple of weeks ago, in a tote in my mom's storage shed, with a bunch of other completely non-related stuff (old frying pan?  Old pair of shoes?  Shelf bracket?  None of these things belongs with the other!). So out it came, and I finished putting on the borders last night.  I have pretty much decided this will be a charity quilt.  I will see if I can find a long-armer who does them for charity, and send it off.  I like the pattern, but the colors are completely different that what is in my house, or what I normally like. I'm getting two of my other quilts back from the quilter today (hurray!) and decided to hand two more off to her, so I spent a good deal of last night piecing the

WIP Thursday

I have been so tired this week I seem to have lost (hopefully temporarily) my sewing mojo.  I have been keeping (mostly) to my no workout-no craft room rule, so a couple of times I've had to squeeze in a workout after work.  Gunner makes this challenging, to say the least!  But I haven't managed to get the kids to bed until nearly 9, by which point I'm exhausted and just want to go to bed myself.  I did get back in the craft room last night, and was making some progress getting the borders sewn on my UFO.  But I discovered that Gunner had also been doing some decorating on it with dry-erase markers, so I paused to try and clean the spots.  I think they came clean, but had to hang it up to dry. So I started in on my Cameo dress, and am making progress there.  I got started sewing the facing in, at least.  I am still undecided what to do about trim, and it definitely needs something for trim. I did have a quick finish over the weekend - Gunner's throw toys.  Used up a