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WIP Wednesday

So I haven't done this before, but I decided I need to just write out all of the projects I have in the works.  It might make me realize that starting a new one is not the best idea right now!!!  And that I need to start one that I have planned, rather than planning to start even more! Okay, here goes. In progress: Swoon - two blocks completed Farmer's Wife - 10 blocks completed (this is a very LONG term project!!) Fiona's quilt - for my niece Needs quilting: Class Reunion Batik hourglass quilts Needs Binding: Under the Sea quilt for my in-laws Planned (meaning I have all the fabric and am ready to go): Summerville Hopscotch Summer Breeze Jewels Ruby, Pearl and Opal quilt (this will be for a quilting bee) Those are the quilts.  Now onto the clothing: Planned: Blue and Grey knit dress Dark blue linen dress Linen striped dress Knit shirt Hmmm.  After typing that out, I don't have as many in progress as I thought, at least if I don't c


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