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Time marches on...

I keep plugging away on things, but little by little, and time seems to be moving faster than ever before.  Less time is spent quilting, more time is spent working with Isadora on school, just hanging out with Gunner, and the past two weeks, sick and miserable. We had a trip to Chicago last weekend, and despite the bug and the non-stop coughing, it was a great trip. Me and my girl at Adler Planetarium  Lots of sister/cousin time, fabulous museums.  The trip back, however, was a bit hair-raising.  There was a late season snowstorm, and it dumped four inches of heavy, wet, sticky snow on the interstate.  It was definitely NOT a fun drive. Only today have I started to feel at least a bit better, although the cough and congestion are definitely lingering.  I finished the Frond top and started loading it.  I've started another top to work on indoors, and am making a bit of progress here and there.  I need to figure out what I'm going to take to the retreat.  Looking forw