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WIP Friday

Summer is flying along, as usual.  It seems there is never enough time to get everything done!  The kids' bedtimes get pushed later and later with the long days, despite my best efforts, and so my after bedtime quilting hour gets shorter and shorter. I've signed up for two more round robins (what was I thinking?!?) which I love, but do suck up the hours.  It does let me spend some time with hubby in front of the TV, though, so trade-offs! One of my UFO's is off to find a new home.  Someone on IG was having to sell their favorite fabrics, and I happened to have a UFO out of those very same fabrics.  This one has been on the UFO list for a while.  I have 14 of these blocks finished and a pile of scraps, so hopefully getting this will brighten her day a bit!  And I'm delighted to get rid of a UFO that holds not much appeal and let fabrics go to where they will be loved.  I finished my mini quilts, and sent them off.  I wasn't thrilled with one of them I

WIP Wednesday

Some significant progress this time!  Landscape is bound and hanging on display.   I' d really planned it for the fall quilt, but the summer one isn't done yet. :)  Moda Building Blocks is coming along.  Sections A, B, C and D are all finished!  I'm still worried this is going to be entirely too busy when it's done, but I'm plugging along.  Red, White and Blue Mini for the swap is completed and awating quilting.  Breezeway is completed!  Had some fun quilting this on the new Nolting.   The quilts took a back seat to finishing some teacher gifts as well - made two one-hour baskets, and this pouch from some of my precious Frond scraps.   Recent Finishes   L andscape Breezeway Kerbloom Stars FIS swap mini   Piecing  Moda Building Blocks  PB&J Four Square - assembled top, need to add border Barb's Quilt - finished center 16 patches, have the 4 patches inside as L/E Quilter's Patch - BOM from FQS.  Finished four blocks Needs