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Making Progress

So, I'm not actually making progress on my farmer's wife blocks. I managed to mess up the paper piecing on the last one I did, and have not had the gumption yet to fix it. Because I fear it will involve an awful lot of seam ripping. I did, however, get ready to quilt and bind not one, but TWO Christmas present quilts. Well, I'm almost ready to bind. I ran out of black thread. How does one run out of such a staple? Mom didn't have any either, and that woman has enough thread to get from here to the moon and back. But no black! Both the quilts that are ready to go are from the City Quilts book. They are both done to look pretty much like the quilts in the book, same color fabrics they call for and everything. Not my usual procedure, but I just love how both of them look. And they're great for boy quilts. I did a little piecing on the backs, and will hopefully get them quilted this weekend. I'm going to do straight line quilting on them, nothing fancy.