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My new dreamy craft table

My husband rocks.  Absolutely rocks.  Over the weekend he made me this beauty. I can't wait to get it in my craft room!  I ordered a 4x8 cutting mat to go on top of it, too.  How sweet is that??!? It was made using an adaptation of the plans at Basically, hubby extended the width to four feet, and moved the shelves in slightly from the ends.  This week, I hope to get it painted, so I can get it into the house next weekend!

The craft room is coming along

I spent two glorious hours last night cleaning and organizing my new craft room.  Over the weekend, my dear husband and father moved in my eight foot tall glass front storage cabinets.  I just LOVE them.  They are amazing.  Maybe not in the best shape anymore (they are definitely old) but they look perfect to me.  I cleaned out the closet, and threw away about five garbage bags of stuff.  Poor hubby isn't going to be thrilled with the pile of stuff outside the back door. :)  But it's looking much, much better, and I definitely have room for the big craft table I was wanting.  Need to get the vacuum in there soon.  I know carpet might not have been the best choice, but with the heated floor, it's going to be nice and cozy in the winters! 

Finished Retro Apron!

Finished!  Finally, only four months late. :)  But at least it's done.  I am still planning on finishing the first one, but it definitely isn't at the top of the pile.  The pattern I used is the one on the right - very cute.  I've done one of the middle pattern, it's also the now-unfinished one, too.  My favorite from thsi book isn't shown on the cover, it's actually on the back, but I've done two of those.  Not much sewing this weekend.  Or none, more accurately.  But I did get a few blocks squared up.  Hopefully I can make some progress this week, but looking at the calendar, it's not likely!  But on the bright side, tonight I'm going to my first meeting with the local quilt club! 

Ruffler Foot!

So I tried out my new ruffler foot last night.  What fun!  And so much easier than gathering a long strip.  I'm going to use it to finally finish the apron for Barb.  I am putting the original one I started for her in the WIP pile, and doing a different pattern.  I like the other pattern a lot more, and think it will be much cuter.  So this apron will require three different presser feet, as it also uses the rolled hem foot.  I like playing with these things I've always had but haven't used!

Great kids

Got to spend the evening alone with Gunner last night.  Unusual, but Isadora's spring break starts today, so she went from CCD to Grandma's house.  So I got to hang out with the little man!  He is just a trip.  He amused himself for a good 45 minutes in the pantry.  It's so fun to watch his little mind work.  When I took him to change his diapers, he suddenly got a case of the laughs.  He would belly laugh at every little thing.  He'd pull his drawers open, shake it, and laugh.  Crawl in the closet under the clothes, and laugh.  Face plant on the floor, and laugh.  Had a great time just watching it.  And this morning, he decided to be a cuddle bug.  Made me a few minutes late, but I spent a while just rocking with him while he snuggled up against my chest.  Life is good. 


So I finished another quilt top!  Two, as a matter of fact.  They were both quick-and-easy patterns, but fun ones.  A very colorful number from Moda Bakeshop, and the Petite Ecole pattern.  The latter is for my daughter's teacher.  She lets me drop her off a half hour early every day, and has been just a godsend.  So a quilt is the least I can do!