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I have my sewing machine back!  I no longer feel quite so bereft... In other news, Marc and Paul have been hard at work on the bar, and it's coming along quite nicely!

Pictures of some recent finishes

Quilts for my nieces... Pattern is Random Reflections, from the Moda Bakeshop.  Fabric is an Amy Butler Soul Blossoms jelly roll.  Pattern is from the book Cozy Modern Quilts.  Can't remember what the fabric is!  Pattern is Meandering Path from the Moda Bakeshop.  Fabric is Terrain. 

First Haircut!!

So it was Gunner’s first haircut, and certainly my first time trying to cut a little boy’s hair! I LOVED his curls, but his hair was just getting too long. He would stick food in it at every available opportunity, and it was getting sweaty and dirty when he played outside. So off it went! I just took the clippers to him, with the 1” guard. He was definitely not a fan! It went okay to start out with, but when I noticed a lock that needed to be trimmed at the end, and I turned the clippers back on, he went screaming across the room, crawling as fast as he good, with this look of ultimate betrayal on his face. Hopefully he won’t remember too much the next time it needs cut!

Quiet Saturday Night

I'm just hanging out alone this Saturday night.  Hubby is visiting an old Navy buddy.  I'm glad he's having a good time, but I could use some company tonight.  Made the mistake of checking work email, and got one of those emails that bothered me immensely.  Probably shouldn't, but it does.  Working with a bunch of brilliant people has its downfalls, that is for certain.


So I've seen so much about Instagram recently, I figured I would give it a go.  I still haven't quite figured out what all you can do with it, other than play with the photos on my phone.  I'll have to find out more...  But I did have fun with a few photos. The family was over this weekend, at our drywall-the-basement party.  We made quite a bit of progress, although you never get as much done as you hope.  But in the evenings, we sat around on the porch, drinking beer and wine, and watching the kids play with each other.  A cool breeze, a wonderful June evening in Iowa, a chilled glass of wine, and laughing babies after a day of hard work.  Life doesn't get much better!


From LilyPad quilting , the adorable Coquette!

One more down.

Finished another quilt last night!  This was the last one for my sister's girls.  She has three adorable girls, all under three, and asked if I'd make quilts for them.  I tried to make them ones they could grow into, so feminine but not childish.  I hope she likes them!  And my dear nieces like them as they get older. This one is a pattern called Meandering Path , from Moda Bake Shop. It's made from a layer cake and a charm pack of Terrain, by Kate Spain.  The binding is Kona Dimensions, in tangerine.  I think I would have been happier if I'd gone with either a scrappy binding, or a patterned one, but I think the orange will grow on me! Up next, two dresses for my daughter.  Cut them out last night.  They should be pretty quick finishes, we'll see how it goes. 

New Addiction...

You know, I never thought anything could be worse than Nutella when it came to me snitching it straight out of the jar.  But if possible, this is: Oh, my word.  It takes just like the cookies.  JUST like the cookies.  I picked it up because my daughter is allergic to peanuts, so I'm always looking for things to substitute for PB in cookies and sandwiches, and this is definitely my new favorite.