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Weekly WIP - Time to get organized again!

It's been a nutty couple of weeks.  The younger has had TEN snow days in the past four weeks.  The school has now eliminated three schedule days off, all of the early outs, and is adding 12 minutes to the start and end of each day.  And there's more snow in the forecast!  The crazy part is how mild December was; the kids were outside with bare feet on Christmas day.  There hasn't been a break since, though! My older is now gone for almost seven weeks.  Going to miss her like crazy, but she's with Grandma and Grandpa, so I know she's in good hands and in store for an amazing adventure.   My to do list has been completely upended.  I've blown it to bits and started over, basically.  I'm not particularly sure why, it just kind of happened!  All of the minis were an "I'm trapped inside in a snow storm" kind of thing, and I've decided to try and burn through a bunch of fabric and just get things made.  So the layer cake stack is getting deci