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So I've put away the quilting for a bit, and told myself that I cannot sew on any more quilts until I have the Christmas presents for my dear sisters complete, and the Christmas dress done for Isadora. So I've finished about 2.5 aprons, doing most of the work over the weekend. The aprons are turning out beautifully, I just love them!


So, the quilt fairy showed up at my house last night and finished sewing the binding on my latest project. Thanks a bajillion, quilt fairy!!! (aka my never to be sufficiently blessed mother...) So now I have two boy quilts done, one for a nephew and one for Marc's grandson. I'm going to let the nephew's mom have first pick, see which one she likes. I'm a bit nervous about how well one of them would hold up over time. I used a higher loft batting, partly polyester, but my quilting pattern is not that dense. Hopefully it will not break apart over the years. But in that quilt, I used less expensive fabrics, and can I just say never again? The difference in quality is just so obvious. In fact, half of the first bunch I used had to be thrown away, as it shrunk about 25 percent the minute I put an iron to it! You definitely get what you pay for... Going to take a short break from the quilts. (!) But I have several fun retro aprons I want to make, one for each of my

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So I was REALLY hoping to make some good progress on my two almost-done quilts while Mom and Dad are gone this week. Only the sewing machine is BROKEN!!!! For some reason, the bobbin will NOT thread correctly, and I can't even sew a simple seam. And worse, someone said they think the local sewing machine repair shop is closed. So I don't even know where I can take the machine for repairs! I'm going through withdrawls!!