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Quarantine Quilting

I'm pretty pleased - the ONLY thing left on my actual UFO list was a mini I started for a swap, then my original partner dropped out and I switched projects.  I offered it up on Insta this morning and will be sending it and a box packed full of scraps (and a baby quilt kit I purchased for a kid that's now three) off to someone who would like them!   I haven't been quite as productive as I would like, although I'm spending lots of time just hanging with the kids in the evenings.  Seeing as how they have no interactions with anyone else during the day while I'm working, I'm not going to feel at all bad about any perceived lack of productivity on my part.   While I'm tempted to start piecing something new, for now the only new project is a commission quilt.   N eed pictures: Classic Meets Modern Frond kit - Birds of Paradise Angela Walters BOM Beetle Adventures (mini) Magic Spark sample x3 Recent Finishes: Rainbow rectangles  Rainbow rectangle mini Nova Mini Qu