Back at the Bakeshop!

It's always such fun to be at the Bakeshop.  I love being able to come up with a design, get fabric to make it happen, and see how others react.  There are almost always challenges I didn't see coming, and adjustments that have to be made as I develop the tutorial.

In this one, for example, I didn't take into account that the solid background would show through the white borders and sashing, which prompted the addition of the second layer of batting.  I actually really like the final result, though, so it was a fortuitous mistake.

 I also cut the batting pieces a bit too small, necessitating some FMQ around the edge of each block.  I'm still working on developing my repertoire and skill level, so I did a variety of stitches; gives it a little bit of fun, though I still would have preferred to keep those areas completely blank.

This was the first quilt I made using my new Elna as well, so I'm still learning its quirks.  The tension in all of the middle areas of the quilts is fantastic, but there were issues I didn't notice around the edges until it was finished.  I'll need to do some repairing of some of them, and hopefully I can figure out what I was doing differently to avoid the issue in the future.  

I'm also trying to make my backings more interesting, and fortunately I had enough leftover pieces from the front to add a little color to the back. 

And then there are the silly mistakes we make!  As I mentioned this was the first quilt I finished entirely using my new Elna.  It has an integrated walking foot that I simply LOVE, but I neglected to think about the fact that it's wider than the one I'm used to using, so my normal combination of technique and binding strip width left me short.  Luckily the fabric made it pretty easy to fudge, so it wasn't a disaster that required ripping off the whole thing. 

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Why do you fold over the background fabric and make it double sided? I'd like to try to size this pattern down into a baby blanket. In that case, would you say your general rules about sizing could be downsized?

    The pattern and colors are so fun!!



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