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More changes to the WIP List

This one jumped into my list, and was a quick finish!  More progress elsewhere, too.  I really need some longer days and sunny weather, to get some pictures taken!  There was sun this weekend, but also 30 mile and hour winds, so no pictures there.   Need pictures: Classic Meets Modern Frond kit - Birds of Paradise Teal and Cat Ombre tumblers (mini) Angela Walters BOM Beetle Adventures (mini) Magic Spark sample x3 Recent Finishes: Crystal Gems  Rows of Bricks  Hexometry  Piecing: Percolate Moda Love quilt - center finished, need to add borders Ombre tumblers (leader and ender) Rhombus dance Mini Chic Country Needs Binding On the Longarm A New View Mantle runner Top Completed, Waiting for Quilting Moda Building Blocks Prism Star Mantle runner  Nova Mini Quilt - white Nova Mini Quilt - black  Patchwork Sky Rainbow rectangles (need real name!) Blossoms Rainbow rectangle mini  Planning Modern Owls Aurora Borealis Weaving project  UFO's Fabulous Flowers Farmer


In looking at my WIP list, I did manage to get quite a few things finished over vacation, but I also want to get a grip on what is still in progress, and get those prioritized and finished. Deadline items -  1. The mini for Jen (likely Mini Chic) 2. Swap mini (not yet started, fundraiser for Aussie wildlife) Long delayed gifts (next priority) 1. Moda Love for Barb - just need to add borders 2. Hexology - gift for my goddaughter Charity items for 2020 1. Mantle runner x2 - for church, October deadline 2. SNICU quilt (as yet to be determined which one - maybe Four Patch?) 3. Julie's T-Shirt quilt  Long-Time WIP's 1. Moda Building Blocks (just need to get the courage up!) 2. Prism Star - need to trim square, maybe size up?? What other priorities?? I want to use up fabric, so probably some large scale blocks to finish up quickly for charity.  The large star FQ quilt I have kitted up, for example.  Maybe more than one of those?  I have a ton of F

2020's first WIP - major changes!

The two commission projects were finished and have been gifted to the intended recipients.  I didn't get decent pictures of them, but have asked to get some final ones with the twins. Over vacation I actually got some of my quilting mojo back, and made time to get some serious progress going on things and knock out some finishes!  I had hoped to get pictures yesterday but the wind was blowing at 30 knots so that didn't happen.  Maybe today? And one of Mom's Christmas presents to me was to take the kids for two days, provided I spend the day in my crafting room.  I definitely need to take her up on that! Recent Finishes: Magic Spark Preview of a finally finished object! Blue and Gold - Commission #2 Selvage Stocking Classic Meets Modern Frond kit - Birds of Paradise Kit's USMC Quilt Teal and Cat Ombre tumblers (mini) Angela Walters BOM Beetle Adventures (mini) Magic Spark sample x3 Piecing: Percolate Patchwork Sky Moda Love quilt - center