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An in-time finish!

I don't have a great picture of Summer Breeze, because I took it to the church for the Fall Festival auction as soon as it was done.  I'm hoping to get some better pictures when it goes up for auction. I used a jelly roll and charm packs of Summer Breeze II for the jewel box pattern.  I'd originally been planning on doing a barn raising setting, but after seeing it on the design wall, I changed to this one, and I am quite happy with how it turned out.   Rosie did an excellent job on the quilting, as always.  I like all-over designs, and this one suited the quilt quite well.   Last year's quilt when for $350, and the year before that was $175.  With an auction, it's always all about getting at least two people to bid each other up.  :)  Hopefully this one will appeal - I think it's beautiful, but I am a bit biased! I haven't been in my craft room for a good week.  I had a trip to Ohio State this week, to meet with my counterparts from ot

Hugs and Kisses is DONE!

A finish with a photo!  What a fun concept. :) Gunner kept trying to get into the photo shoot.  He's been toddler-obsessed with climbing in and out of this bucket for days.  Ah, to be that entertained by the simple things again! I managed to get one Gunner-free shot.  I backed this with flannel, so it's going to be nice and warm for a cold winter. If he'd only leave it on!  He routinely kicks everything but his cuddle blankie off the bed at night.  And since he's in the habit of sleeping just in his diaper for the summer, he's going to start getting pretty cold.  Hopefully he'll figure it out!  And start letting me put pajamas on him. Toddler thought processes are confusing, to say the least.  For example, he's recently decided that pants are something that we need to put on only after  we get to our destination, not before we get in the car.  Not sure why.  He throws a major tantrum if I try to put them on at the house (and it's incr

WIP Thursday

Small bits of progress here and there.  With the crazy heat, we have yet to really get into our rhythm for the school year, and it will definitely be nice when we finally can get settled in.  It's amazing how being out of routine really throws everyone a bit off. I had my first night of teaching music at Faith Formation class last night.  After Leslie passed away, I volunteered to take over.  Leslie had an amazing voice, and my skill is more at piano, so I'm sure the kids are wincing listening to me warble my way through their songs.  But I wanted someone to do it, and I seemed to be the best one available.  I was scared to death, to say the least.  I'm also trying to teach a little something as we go, so I picked a song about Saints, and I may have the older ones listen to some beautiful traditional Catholic music as we move through the year.  We'll see. I started Simply Woven.  It's bright colors just make me happy.  It's the first quilt I've done enti


I finished hugs and kisses!!  It's certainly not the most well constructed quilt I've ever done, and it will be a good reminder to slow down for the future.  But since it's going on a toddler boy's bed, I'm more concerned that it will hold together than that the points all match!  I put a flannel on the back, since I wanted it to be warm, and I'm hoping I don't regret that decision.  So far, everything seems to stick to it.  It's very obvious in the craft room, where there are bits of lint and thread everywhere, but hopefully there just isn't as much stuff to stick to it in Gunner's room! Simply Woven is up next.  Although I'm going to do some more garment sewing in the mean time... Getting used to Marc being gone.  The weekends are the toughest, to say the least. 


This wall makes me happy.  I had my rulers all stuck in various places, and could never find them.  So this makes me happy.  I even have my rotary cutters added in now.  It's the little things!  :) I put up apple-peach sauce this weekend, so I didn't get anything done in the craft room, other than sewing the new rank insignia on Marc's uniforms.  And that HAD to get done, as he left this week.  I'm trying to look on the bright side (plenty of time to sew!) but it's hard to find the bright side of your husband being gone for the better part of two years.   Did some more organization of apparel fabric, too, matching up patterns to fabric.  I've been having such fun with the clothes sewing lately, I want to do some more of it.  I have some fabric that I like, but don't love, and am trying to figure out what, if anything, to do with it.  I start teaching music at Faith Formation classes tonight.  Scared witless, to say the least.  I have NO id