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Help with a decision??

First of all, I've decided to call this one a (mostly) finish: I was going to tear it apart to move the square up to where it "should" be, but upon thinking about it more (and, in all honestly, not wanting to do that much ripping!) I've decided I'm going to wait until this has a baby recipient to go to, and use leftover fabric to applique the name in the large blank area.  My siblings are all pretty much done in the baby department, so it may be waiting for a while!   In other developments, the nephew of one of our very dear Navy friends was in a very serious accident last fall.  He's completely lost his vision in one eye, and although the overall prognosis is good, there are still a lot of obstacles for him to overcome.  The family is having a fundraiser to help the parents, and I volunteered to provide a quilt.  I have several finished ones around, and I'm trying to figure out which one would be the best one to give. First up is Colorful Reun

Soon to be BACKWARDS progress...

Yesterday was a snow day, and I'd hoped to move three quilts from the "In Progress" category to the "Top Completed" category.  By the end of the day I'd gotten two there, plus I helped my daughter piece a scrap quilt, so I'm calling it a good day.  Except for the fact that one of my completions is going to need to be torn apart. I have a bunch of charm packs that I picked up when I was trying to pick out a fabric line as inspiration for my family room finish.  One was Comma, and I decided to use it to make the Marmalade Squares (Two) quilt from the Moda Bakeshop.  But, as I have discovered, there are several problems with the pattern.  The first is that one charm pack isn't enough, so I had to order more fabric.  The second is that the pattern is just plain wrong.  When you follow it, the patchwork section ends up in the wrong spot.  I was thinking while doing it that it seemed wrong, but instead of following my instincts I followed the pattern, a

Back from Vacation!

And I have yet to set foot in my craft room.  I swear, life just gets busier and busier, and I don't seem to have time to breathe most days, let alone get any sewing done.  But the trip was fantastic.  Isadora had a marvelous time; she must have said "THAT WAS AWESOME!" several hundred times, and I loved seeing her so happy and free.  She got to ride a ride by herself, which left her with the biggest grin you've ever seen. A few hours at the [cold] beach, but neither the water temp nor the air temp seemed to bother her.  I finally had to pull her out of the water when her lips started to turn blue. And I turn 40 today.  The 30's were really good to me, so I'm looking forward to this decade.