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Summer is upon us

And what a strange one it's been, but I'm hardly alone in that! My earlier quarantine productivity level has dropped, and I find myself spending more time in the evening just cuddling with the family, watching some TV, and relaxing.  I'm trying not to beat myself up about it.  My work usually slacks off a bit during the summer, but not this year.  I'm in zoom meetings for a lot of each day, and I don't have much down time during the day.   I finished the quilting on Mom's quilt.  It went more quickly than I expected, and I think she likes how it turned out.  I did have a bit of fun with it!   Some fun details  My favorite section!  I did one customer quilt as well. It was a bit of a beast.  Large, with VERY wavy borders and some really imprecise piecing.  I did what she asked for as far as design in the middle, but I wasn't liking it very much as it was being quilted.  I think once it was off the frame and the border was done it was better, and she liked it,