Actual to do's!

After finally updating the WIP list, the next logical step is to come up with the to do's to make progress on all those planned and in-progress projects!  So let's see where that leads me...

First things first, I need to finish writing the instructions for Step Down.  It's a Moda Bakeshop project, and it came with a rather short deadline.  Throw in that miserable cold that everyone had, and I'm behind, but getting there!

I need to get the centers put on the Little Fan Dance quilt, and then get a hanging sleeve finished.  It's probably time to take down the Christmas quilt!  My quilting buddy helped me solve the question of centers, giving me the perfect suggestion to fix the issue I'd been having with the color. 

Next is getting caught up on the BOM's.  The Build-a-Quilt block arrived yesterday, so I can get going on that (and it appears to be a very quick one!)  I have just a few steps to go to finish the last square for the Classic Meets Modern. I love how these two turned out!

I haven't actually started the Stellar Stars BOM, so next up is mustering up the nerve to break into the fat quarter bundle I have in mind!  I'm still hesitating on that fabric choice, so maybe I'll do one more look through the stash before committing.  No more buying new fabric! 

Obviously I need to just buckle down and bind.  Maybe I can get the minis done this weekend; they're quick and easy, and at least knocks a few things off the list! 

Also up for the weekend - cutting.  I'm going to get Bev's quilt cut and set up as leaders/enders.  Then finish the cutting on Modern Rainbow.  If I get to feeling a bit froggy, I can get Quill cut out, since it's still on the cutting table.  As is Shenandoah; that one should probably come first as it should be a quick finish. 

I WILL finally figure out the tension issues and get the Batik HST quilt quilted! 


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