I have FINISHED the three t-shirt quilts!  I'm not going to post anything but a sneak peek, because they are Christmas gifts, and although no one I know reads this blog, better safe than sorry, especially for something as special as those.  I gave them to the mom yesterday.  She didn't look at them while I was there; I hadn't really considered how emotional it might be for her.  She sent me a lovely note last night, and is quite happy with the results.  I am so relieved she loves them. I don't know that any other projects I've done have had that much thought and prayer put into them.  And the fact that every part of them is my design; although I had pictures for inspiration, I designed these from start to finish. 

So of course that brings up the question of what to work on next!  I want to finish the modern blues top, that should take less than half an hour.  But I should really focus on getting the pile of tops that needs to be quilted taken care of.  First up will be mom's wall hanging.  I've got a good idea of what I want to do for the quilting for that, and it's not large, so it should be a pretty quick finish.

It's certainly not happening this week!  I have a crazy week at work itself, then there is a 4-H meeting tonight, a kids' concert on Tuesday, Faith Formation on Wednesday, and another kids' concert on Thursday.  So no rest for the weary, I'm afraid. 


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