November - on the downward side of 2020!

One can only hope that with 2020 on the way out, things will start to look up.  We shall see! 

A few finishes here and there. The flag quilt was finally done.  The elementary set isn't the greatest for holding up quilts, but they did their best!  I love how this one turned out.  The pattern was my own, and the customer loved it. 

Flag Quilt Commission Finished! 

I finished Grandma's wall hanging, unfortunately a little too late.  She saw the top, and loved it.  She fell into a quick decline shortly thereafter and passed away without ever seeing the final result.  The finished quilt was displayed in her coffin, and my aunt asked that it be buried with her.  I agreed.  

Grandma's Quilt - mostly finished

This was a fun project!  I took the color palate directly from my partner's feed, and I love how it turned out.  Had some fun with the quilting and my partner was happy.  


This was a loooooooooooonnnnnnngggg term UFO that I finally finished up.  I quilted it and took it to the guild for binding.  It's going to the SNICU unit at the local hospital.  This was one of two UFO's I donated to them.  

Charity Quilt - finished

This was another fun project.  I picked up these embroidered squares at an estate auction several years ago.  I squared them up, and sashed them.  I used the scrappy binding from Mom and it turned into a really great quilt.  I wish I remember what batting I'd used, because this is a a wonderfully drapey quilt.  I'd originally planned to donate or give away, but I really like it!  
 Embroidered Squares

The last guild meeting we had a member bring multiple totes of fabric and old (very old!) finished tops.  A family friend had a quilter for a mother, and she'd passed away.  I picked up a half dozen or so tops with the intention of quilting them up and donating them.  The first step, though, has been to clean them.  Wow, a lot of dirt has come out of that water!  I have two cleaned up.  The first is incredibly wonky, so I think I'm going to do the small hole repair, and get some thick poly batting and tie it.  It's just too wavy to try and quilt.  

This has been my other project - a treadle sewing machine.  The machine belonged to my great-grandmother.  It's been in an attic for probably 40 years, and wasn't used for many years before that.  My mom remembers it being in her grandma's house, but Gramma suffered from such several rheumatoid arthritis even when my mom was young that her hands were completely crippled, and she couldn't sew.  My guess is that this machine hasn't been used for 70 years.  I did a lot of cleaning and oiling, and got it working!  I'm going to piece an entire quilt top on it, just because I can.  It's going to be very simple (for the sake of not making my husband crazy with yet another space taken over by quilting) and be just four packs of charm squares sewn together, but I've already discovered it's wonderfully meditative to sew on it.  It takes more concentration to get a good rhythm going with the foot pedal.  

Need pictures:

Frond kit - Birds of Paradise
Beetle Adventures (mini)
Magic Spark sample x3
Four Square 

Recent Finishes:

Quilter's Patch (to Mom for binding) 
#skinnystrippyswap mini
Blossoms - to SNICU finishing day
Fat Quarter Star - to SNICU finishing day
Flag Quilt Commission
Jamieson quilt (for Grandma)
Teal Stars 
Curved Piecing mini 
Nova Mini Quilt - white
Embroidered Squares


Percolate - 6/10 rows complete 
Moda Love quilt - center finished, need to add borders
Ombre tumblers (leader and ender)

Quarter Square Triangles
Diamond Rain (from QuiltCon)
Treadle project 

Needs Binding

Mantle Runner 
Striped tumbler blocks  

On the Longarm

Top Completed, Waiting for Quilting

Prism Star
Mantle runner 

Rhombus dance
Lucky Star mini
Drunkard's Path mini
Ombre triangle mini (leader and ender) 


Baby Yoda for Jim 
Modern Owls
Aurora Borealis
Weaving project

Elizabeth Hartman Sampler (?)
Thunderstruck (VFW pattern)
Showering Stars
Island Waters 


Wedge Quilt (from QuiltCon)
Farmer's Wife


  1. Beautiful job of making that flag quilt. It's gorgeous! Do you have a pattern for that for sale or that you will be sharing in the future? I'd love to make that in time for next year's 4th of July celebrations.

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