Social Distancing Plans

As we look to make the transition to spending a lot of time at home - how to keep myself busy and calm.

Rainbow Rectangles is still on the longarm.  After two false starts, a change of thread color and a completely different quilting design, it's reached the point of mostly done.  I plan to have it off today at the latest, then Natalie gets her turn.  Next up I'll load one of the customer quilts and get it going.

Rhombus Dance is coming together, so I'm hoping to have it pieced this week as well.  I hope I have enough of the background fabric; we'll see and I guess I'll improvise if I don't.  Mango Parfait is in the works indoors, and I'll continue on that.  It should go relatively quickly as well, although I think I'm going to need more green fabric.  Maybe I'll stop by JoAnn's on the way home and pick up some fat quarters.

I will knock out those binding projects this week, too.  Dad asked me for quilt to donate to Grandma's church for their 150th anniversary celebration.  It's a very Irish Catholic community, so a A New View, with it's green, was perfect, and a good excuse to get that bound.  And Grandma bought it, so it's coming back home to my parents as well, which makes me happy.

A New View in progress on the long-arm 

What to pull out next?  I think I'll figure out what I'm doing with the Fabulous Flowers project, and get it done.  Do I match it with the solid?  Go for all flowers?  Not sure yet, but I am sure I can get it knocked off of my list.  And also finish the four patch quilt, and get two long-term UFO's done.

Mom has been knocking out the Quilter's Patch blocks, and I'm going to let her finish piecing, quilt it, then give her the final project.  It's much more her style, anyway, so I'm very happy with that decision!  She's enjoyed putting the blocks together.

Need pictures:

Classic Meets Modern
Frond kit - Birds of Paradise

Angela Walters BOM
Beetle Adventures (mini)
Magic Spark sample x3

Recent Finishes:

A New View 
PomPom Pouch 


Moda Love quilt - center finished, need to add borders
Ombre tumblers (leader and ender)
Rhombus dance
Mango Parfait

Four Square (leader and ender)

Needs Binding

Rainbow rectangle mini
Nova Mini Quilt - black

Mantle Runner 

On the Longarm

Rainbow rectangles 

Top Completed, Waiting for Quilting

Moda Building Blocks
Prism Star
Mantle runner 

Nova Mini Quilt - white
Patchwork Sky


Modern Owls
Aurora Borealis
Weaving project


Fabulous Flowers
Farmer's Wife
Quilter's Patch (mom finished two more blocks!)
QAD Flight Effects (mini)


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