Weekly Works in Progress (although short on the "progress" part...)

School is in full swing, and it's easy to forget how busy this time of year is.  I'm in our local Fine Arts Boosters for our school district.  I'm a huge proponent of arts and music in the school, and my sister is the local high school choir director.  So this is me putting my time and money where my mouth is, but this is a crazy time of year for the boosters.  We have a couple of portable carts at the local university football games, so we have to find volunteers for that.  We made and sold kettle corn at a two day craft fair last weekend.  That happens to be right across the road from my house, so I was there for quite a bit of that.  We sell more kettle corn and biscuits and gravy at the local fall festival, which is this weekend.  And we do a pancake supper at the high school homecoming.  So it's a LOT of rounding up volunteers, and a lot of a core group of us doing a LOT of stuff.  I had to take a half day of vacation yesterday to round up supplies.  I'm headed there after work to set up.  If more people don't volunteer I'll be there again this weekend helping cook and sell.  It never seems to end!  Just when it winds down the Christmas season will be spinning up...

And I've been keeping up pretty well with the workouts.  I've lost over 25 pounds now, and am a lot stronger with much better endurance.  But it really does cut into the sewing time.  If I make sure to get a workout in daily, that time has to come from somewhere, and unfortunately it's time in my sewing room.  I'm working on at least doing 10 minutes a day (I know I spend that much time trolling social media!) and that's helping me keep my balance, if nothing else.

I added one quick project to the list - a fall quilt that I'd intended for our Church dinner auction, but I'm not sure it's going to finish in time... It's quick and easy, but those amazing Frond Fabrics make it pretty spectacular when you see the colors in person!  I'm adding one more row each way, which should make it queen sized.

I'm also making progress on assembling the top of my Morris quilt.  I'm going to have a hard time giving this one away... :)  It's obviously waaayyyy to big for my design wall.  It's going to finish at 110x110. 

Recent Finishes 


Angela Walters BOM - 12 blocks finished
Classic Meets Modern BOM - January through September blocks finished
Morris Apprentice (all blocks complete, assembly in progress)    
Prism Star - four diamonds done, starting piecing on next color set 
Bitter Almond  (all blocks complete) 

Guild Mystery Quilt (leader and ender project) 
Fall Colors 

Needs Binding

Every Which Way 

On the Longarm 

Top Completed, Waiting for Quilting

Crystal Gems 
Moda Building Blocks
Making Modern - Rainbow quilt

Winter Garden  


Aviatrix - stalled, need to get moving on this one! 
Moda Love quilt - Barb 
Stellar Stars BOM 
Chic Country

Aurora Borealis   


Craftsy QAYG
Fabulous Flowers
Farmer's Wife - should move indoors for the smaller projects...
Quilter's Patch - BOM from FQS.  Finished six(?) blocks
QAD Flight Effects mini


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