WIP Friday

2018 is off to a running start - I have a feeling it will just get faster as the kids get older!

I did finally get a couple of things finished - my PB&J four patch being one of the primary.  I make a lot of quilts with no specific destination in mind, but this one was always meant to go into the guest room. 

I finished the quilting on Social Ladder!

I did feather shapes in the diamonds - it was harder to go in one direction than in the other, but it was good practice.

Since the colors in this quilt were so vibrant, I could not see using one color for the whole quilt.  I ended up using different colors of thread for each colorway.  All the color changes were between passes, so it was pretty easy to manage and I'm definitely glad I decided to go that route.  Now I just have one more quilt on the binding pile. 

I've been continuing to work on Crystal Gems.  I have a bunch cut, but need to get a few more shapes cut.  I need a LOT more of the larger triangles for the octagon blocks, and more of the corner pieces for the cross blocks.  I was afraid the circles would get lost in the scrappy, but you can definitely see them; they're just more subtle, and I like it!. 

This was a relatively quick finish - I love how it turned out and it's been added to the binding pile. 

I'm in one last swap (I'm going to lay off them for this year), and this is one of the projects.  I'm working on it during my lunch hours.  It's a grammar police swap, so a fun subject matter!

And this should go on the long-arm this weekend.  I'm a little disappointed in how it looks so far; the stars are blending in more than I'd anticipated.  I'm going to stitch in the ditch around them, and stipple in the fence rail blocks to see if that gives them more definition.  

Up this weekend?  I want to get the baby quilt on the frame and done at a minimum.  While I'm at it I want to quilt the four minis sitting on the pile.  I think I can load one piece of backing and just tackle them all at once.  Just have to decide on how to quilt them... I need to get a few steps done of the Prism Stars quilt so we can demo that at quilt guild next Monday.  That should keep me busy, but if it doesn't I'll get started cutting on Quill and get some additional scraps cut for Crystal Gems.  Looking forward to a long weekend!  


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