Withdrawl pains

With Christmas, Thanksgiving, Marc's impending arrival and everything else, I feel like it's been a month since I've worked on a quilt.  I have tried to get some clothing sewing done in there, so I've been in my craft room a bit, but my productivity has plummeted.  Gunner was having major sleeping issues, and Isadora doing her usual refusal to go to bed, and I wasn't getting them settled until well past nine, so by the time I finished up the usual daily routine stuff, there was no time left to get to my sewing room.  I have a baby quilt that I wanted to get finished, but I've barely started and said baby arrived three weeks early!  So I'm way, way behind on that, and I have about four clothing pieces cut out and ready to sew.  I need to get a separate WIP list for clothing, because I'm constantly confused about what I have in progress and what I'm using various fabric pieces for.  I need half a day just to clean, purge and organize the sewing room, since it's also the gift wrapping station. 

I did sign up for a cross stitch round robin for next year, too.  Not sure what I was thinking there, other than I would like to get back to some stitching, and it would force me to use my lunch hours more productively.  More stitching, less pinterest!


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